: i wonder if this will fit

11-07-07, 06:44 AM

11-07-07, 07:06 AM
Why not just go for the LS7 which is a milled/mod'd LS1, and should at least fit...... Doesn't make sense to gain 36HP for $20K over the LS6/LS2 when the LS7 is much more appealing with its base 500HP.....

11-07-07, 07:08 AM
Someone please wake this guy up...You are downgrading from a LS6/LS2 to a ZL-1?

If i were you just buy the LS7 and be done with it...Fuel injection is so superior to Carb applications its unheard of...You can utilize more HP from a block with an electronic fuel injection system...

If you are so beggin for a 427 there are a few suppliers whom can fab you one...PM me if you need directing...

11-07-07, 09:05 AM
Nice. I like the idea, but I have to agree with the other guys. Its a lot of $$$ for so little gain. May be more trouble than its worth.
Also, it'll probably lose its appeal in a V rather than a 60's muscle car.
Love the idea, just not for our cars.

11-07-07, 10:41 AM
wasnt thinking of putting it in. just messin around.:tongue2: