: Inserts

11-06-07, 05:34 PM
I have searched everywhere I know to find just the inserts for my 1999 N*. If any1 knows where to buy them please let me know. I hope this is not posted in the wrong place.

11-06-07, 06:03 PM
Are you talking about *TIMEserts* to repair pulled boltholes with? I believe Cadillac sells the kit or www.timesert.com

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11-06-07, 06:09 PM
There are two types and a bunch of threads talking about them.

The originals are from timesert.com . The newer ones are from a machinist who sells them on ebay.

You have to have the kit to install either. There is a video on timesert.com that shows how to install them. Pretty easy.

You are more likely to find a timesert set used but the consensus is Norm's are probably slightly better. I've used timeserts with no problems. If you can find a timesert set used grab it and buy the replacement inserts because a used set probably will not come with any.

11-06-07, 06:32 PM
I did a quick check on timesert.com and found this "Manufacturer Kit" for GM.

I believe this is what you mean by having the kit AND the timeserts themselves. There's a bunch for different applications there:


11-06-07, 07:58 PM