: Until we get the next V...

11-06-07, 05:15 PM
The guys at MyRide.com did a nice job covering SEMA and some of the new Cadillac Sport (holdover till the V) stuff, check it out:

Nice shot of the CTS Sport

CTS Sport

Cadillac Coverage

General SEMA coverage
http://community.myride.com/kickapps/service/searchEverything.kickAction?keywords=%22SEMA+2007% 22&includeVideo=on&includePhoto=on&includeBlog=on&submitbutton=Search&as=3898

Let me know what you think.

04 Z06
11-06-07, 05:53 PM
I like the interior of the sport but Im not feeling those tail lights, the color, or the rear fasicia..

How much longer do we have until they release the V info? 2 Months? Well, at least ive got something to look forward to..

11-06-07, 06:28 PM
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04 Z06
11-06-07, 07:15 PM
First post here ? :spam: ?

:thehand::thehand: Woooow.. Definitely not me..

11-06-07, 07:49 PM
fronts nice....but i still like the open mesh(V) grill. The rear is a bit much and seems that it would be outdated quickly. The interior, gidgets and gadgets is definitely nice. But then again...I would just wait and get the V(granted i aint broke). So, minus the rear,the new V looks promising.

11-08-07, 12:19 AM
I can't wait for the V in a coupe personally.