: Drivers side heat or lack of

11-06-07, 03:30 PM
This weekend I replace the heater valve...and got heat, but only on the passengers side. I followed my ears to the drivers side actuator by the gas peddle and manually moved the lever and got heat!! So I assume it's the actuator, but my question is how to replace?? Where to buy?? It's not even listed on Monster Parts. Any advice is appreciated!

Peter Baumgartner
2001 Catera

11-12-07, 01:32 PM

Peter B.
'01 Catera

frank moran
11-12-07, 08:53 PM
i'm sure that is a dealer item. The one I repalced on another GM model had three screws holding in place, it mounted over the shaft for the air door in question, spline type of connection. Before you get too involved check to see if it is still connected, I looked at a picture and it shows a piece of linkage.. if you were able to move the door it sounds like the linkage is off.??