View Full Version : To stripe or not to stripe?

04-29-04, 08:43 PM
Hey all. My friend and fellow caddy addict is coming over tomorrow to help detail my '90, he has experience with pin-striping and is going to replace the blue stripes on the side. He seems to think that stripes will look good on my '89 as well, its dark blue with silver trim down below (the darker color silver). The car came from the factory without stripes and i like it that way, i think the silver stripes planned for installation will break the car up too much and detract from its sleak look. What do you guys think of stripes? Thanks

04-29-04, 09:18 PM
What do you guys think of stripes?
I'm not big on pin stripes. But if it's the pinstripe tape and it's free, then put them on and see if you like it. They are easy to remove.

04-29-04, 11:15 PM
Thats exactly what im thinking, and it is the tape, so we'll see. but i really dont think ill like it...

04-30-04, 09:13 AM
I like it on the pre-2000 models, but not so sure about the current ones.