: Nav Issue

11-03-07, 03:38 AM
On my nav unit when I attempt to drill through the menu to see the route list, the 'Route List' button appears on the screen, but upon pressing it the unite responds by moving the map, as if the button is not executing the code to display the list. It dosn't seem to be a clumsy finger issue, I attempted several times. Anybody savy on when a new update will be available for the NAV. The other problem I have found is an annoying VERY LOUD buzz sound when attempting to make a call from the voice recognition prompts, other people have confirmed this problem, and I have escalated the issue with customer service but they have no information on when an upgrade will be available. They did however mention not to take it back to the dealer anymore because they have no way to fix it. I hate to nag because I really do like the car, I just hope they can correct the software issues, and deploy a new patch. Maybe they could find a way to auto deploy via the on-star to advoid a trip to the dealer for these kinds of problems in the future.