View Full Version : N* Rear Headgasket - replace in the car?

04-29-04, 11:04 AM
Has anyone successfully replaced the rear headgasket with the engine in the car? If so, any advice?

My caddy is a 97 Deville. The front head looks very accessible but the rear looks a lot tougher to get to.

04-29-04, 11:33 AM
Last I ehard, noone had. It's a pull the motor operation.

04-29-04, 01:13 PM
Several people have done the rear head gasket including the timeserting with the engine in the car. I have personally done it. It is not easy but can be done. The head will come off and there is just barely enough room to do the timeserting ... you will need a right angle drill.

Search in the archives using "Head gasket" and I am sure you will find tons of reading and reference info.