View Full Version : Cadillac next to Lexus in Powers Report

04-29-04, 01:05 AM
Latest Powers initial quality survey. BMW and Porsche don't look too great:blasted:

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04-29-04, 01:11 AM
BMW is still well above the industry average, so I wouldn't say it didn't do well. That's a respectable position in the rankings. Porsche on the other hand.... well, at least it beat out Hummer... ;)



04-29-04, 11:13 AM
That's because until now they didn't have cars that a-holes like us beat on. :shhh:

Just kidding, I'm not surprised Cadillac is high on the list, until the V I never really considered owning one, but they've had high quality products for awhile now. Compare an old Caddy to an old Benz and your repair bills are like night and day (I owned an '80s Benz V8...what a nightmare).
- C.

04-29-04, 05:23 PM
This is an initial quality report, by the way. Not a dependability study (that will come later in the year reflecting 3 year old cars).

What this tells is the quality of the car when it is bought.