: 2008 CTS engine in a Cat?

10-30-07, 06:48 PM
I think i've come across someone mentioning that a 2003 cts engine could be mounted in a cat, so does that mean that the new cst v8s could be places in a cat? Other than the given transmission what else would have to be swapped if it were possible? Or mabe i'm just dreaming... :cloud9:

10-30-07, 06:53 PM
your dreaming lol. im sure they have changed the tranny , but you would need the computer all the wiring ,hope the tranny bolts up from the catera. you would have to lose all your power windows and all that crap or rewire it all cause the ecm wont be the same, you would have to rewire all the dash lights and speedo and all that.. ect ect

10-30-07, 07:47 PM
you mean 08 CTS right? they're V6s

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Cadi Cat
10-30-07, 08:15 PM
I can't believe they are getting 305 hp out of that 3.6l!! What's the difference of Direct Injection vs any other modern engine?

10-30-07, 10:17 PM
oh, wow,.... just re-read the article,... i guess i just assumed it was a v8 :cookoo:. 304 hp 3.6 v6......... That's impressive :D. Did they use ls2's in some of the cts-v's? Or am i just going off onto ground i haven't covered yet. I've played around with some cosmetic things on my cat but i want to sell it off and start with a salvage with a good body and completely re-do the car? is there anything i can do to put more power under the hood? Do they sell the stuff to mount a procharger to it or something like that? And do they have any bucket seats or some nicer seats than stock to put into it?

10-31-07, 11:06 AM
i wouldnt really recommend rebuilding a cat differently. im not saying you dont know anything about cars, but doing this requires Extensive knowledge. Also, if you commit to rebuilding a cat your pretty much signing away all you free time and money, cuz its gonna consume all of both of those. As far as any sort of Supercharger or Turbo youll have to get a stronger trans than the stock one. idk if any seats would mount up to the existing holes.