: Miller Bros Cadillac treated me right!!

10-30-07, 03:41 PM
Ellicott City, MD by Baltimore has had great service so far. I took my car to them today around 7:30am for an oil change and asked if they could take a look at the whine and chunk from the rear and to check the armrest that has been rattling for some time now. They without question put me in a Cadillac DTS for an oil change, (I did not buy the car from them and I'm also 24 years for age) By 2:15 I got a call from the service dept and they told me they were going to overnight the parts to replace the rear and the console. NO QUESTIONS WERE ASKED. I have never had a service dept just fix something without bitching or asking anything. The only thing they asked is if the DTS would be alright for the night! My last trip to the dealer was to Fitzgerald in Frederick for tires and a motor mount. They questioned me how I broke the mount, did not put me in a rental and made a nice groove in all four rims from the tire changer foot. They said they would fix the rims but it came out looking flat and pitted. Asked them to refinish the rims again they did and now look like have been spray painted. They told me at that point they have invested to much money to try to get them right.
Thanks to places like Lindsay and Miller I will be in a Cadillac for a long time.

10-30-07, 05:20 PM
Hey that's great to hear. I live in Ellicott City, so if I get the V I'm thinking about getting, I'd be taking it to Miller Brothers.

10-30-07, 05:37 PM
thanks for the great report! i'm going to copy this to our dealer review forum

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