: How do I save my audio settings for each channel?

10-30-07, 09:04 AM
If I change the treble, mid, and bass levels on a channel, turn the channel, then go back to it, it's reset. How do I save it when exiting? Thanks.

10-30-07, 09:43 AM
when you set the settings, store those settings to EQ1-EQ2-etc....then go to the station, click on your equalizer to the correct one....then save your station again in the presets....that'll save it...but if you save it as custom, anytime you change the custom setting it'll use that station....so if you want it to keep at specific settings you must set it to a specific EQ preset.

I hope you understand that, because I barely understand it.......it really is easy, just hard to explain right now :confused:

10-30-07, 10:02 AM
lol basically, whenever you change a setting, hold down the soft key till it beeps.
I had the same thing with my SLS. Just figured it out couple weeks ago.

10-31-07, 01:58 PM
Thanks guys. I was saving it to the EQ but not saving it again in the presets.