: To buy or Not to buy?

black deville
10-29-07, 06:56 PM
My friend has a 2000 Catera with 52k. He wants $1000 for it. I should point out they were 52k hard miles. My friend never fixed any problems with it ,so it does have some mechanical issues. The sport mode light on dash will start flashing then you have to shift it manually. He says it does it less when it's cold outside. It's been doing that for 2 years. My friend also says the level ride light comes on sometimes, and the car will sit low in the back. He hit a big rock laying in the road @ like 35k, and the right front wheel made noise when you hit bumps after that and it's getting pretty loud now. I'm not to worried about that sounds like a wheel bearing or something. I'm concerned about the tranny. I plan on doing all the work myself except for the tranny. Well what do you guys think? Buy or not buy? Anybody know what the tranny thing could be? By the way the car is black on black. Body has some scraches, but I can buff most of them out. Interior is mostly just dirty. Any info is greatly appreciated!

10-29-07, 09:00 PM
the price sounds right....you could dump $4,000 in it quickly between the tranny thing and timing belt and tensioner, brakes, tuneup, wheel bearing or tierod. control arm. good douche and detail. then you'd be at $5,000 which is what it is worth.
it be a nice car for the money.
good luck, robert:rolleyes:

10-30-07, 12:40 AM
I'd buy it for $1000... but before buying i'd do full diagnostics at the shop...may be everything is not that bad with this car...

10-30-07, 01:32 AM
id buy it for $1000. however i would DEF. make sure you have another car to drive while your working on the cat. dont make it your daily driver until you have everything fully fixed. and hell...if you do buy it and replace the transmission, you should look into a manual one. :)