: Question on Wheel tire fitment

10-29-07, 04:39 PM
Im lowered on eibachs with ww mod. Will this be a problem - 19x8.5 Fronts and 19x10 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's in 255x40-19 Fronts and 285x35-19 in the rear. Will I rub?

10-29-07, 04:43 PM
CCWs should not rub. If that is what you're lookin at.

10-29-07, 05:12 PM
but im lowered, so your answer doesnt really calm my nerves. But yes they are ccw's.

10-29-07, 05:34 PM
Im lowered on eibachs with ww mod. Will this be a problem - 19x8.5 Fronts and 19x10 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's in 255x40-19 Fronts and 285x35-19 in the rear. Will I rub?

Look at my signature below my post and you will see I have almost that exact same setup. It depends on how much you lower it, if it will rub or not. My 285s only rub if I have 2 people in the back seat. I have had my front fenders rolled (not flared which is entirely different) and I have not had the rears rolled, but I would highly recommend doing both. Any decent body shop should be able to do it (make sure they use a heat gun or something to heat up the paint on the fenders before they roll them or the paint will crack).

You might be better of than me since you will be running 8.5" width in the front and not 9" like me, which makes it very tight.

Also, the correct tire combo for you would be the 245/40zr19 for the front, not the 255/40, because the 255/40 overall diameter is a little too different than the 285/35 diameter. If you wanted to step up, you would have to run 295/30zr19 and 255/35zr19, and I am fairly sure you will have more rubbing issues with the 295s, so I would steer clear.

To check this go to this link:


and put the stock size 245/45zr18 and compare the tires I said above and you can see which sizes will go together.

Hope this helps. :bonkers:

10-29-07, 05:39 PM
thats the kinda answer i was looking/hoping for thanks tweet.

10-29-07, 05:44 PM
Two more things I forgot.

Become a supporting member. I (and others on this forum) just potentially saved you a lot of money...:thepan:

And you could be a ginea pig and try the sweet Toyo R888s and go with the sizes:

Front - 235/35zr19
Rear - 295/30/zr19 (narrower sidewall might not rub)

I have though about trying this combo but really want to see someone else try it successfully first. And Chef has these on his car but he also has the Spectre fender flares and I believe he has the 295s all the way around, which is not something that I probably would ever do.

10-30-07, 07:58 AM
I know you're lowered, Blee. You said that in your first post. I knew you were talkin bout the CCWs (the PS2s in the exact size as those off the silver V that also has the Spectre power dome / cowl hood). Ergo, my answer: yes they will fit. As there are many on the forum running CCWs with lowered Vs.

Although now, seein that you're runnin Eibach's, I don't know. Eibach's provide a significant drop, particularly in the front, and, if I'm not mistaken, they aren't readily adjustable like the GC kit (if you were runnin' GC, you could adjust em without a problem). I still think you could squeeze em in without rubbin, but since you're gettin the parts (the CCWs and the hood) for local pick-up, you can just slap em on and see for yourself. They'll fit. Just keep your fingers crossed.

Oh scratch that. Parker had them CCWs and I'm almost definite it was dropped with the Eibach's with the base CTS shocks in the rear (to get rid of the self leveling). They'll fit.

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