: 2007 XJR vs Cadillac 2007 STS i hate it

10-29-07, 02:57 PM
I've had a lexus gs400 series, cadillac sts 07, yukon ,etc , no bmw or mercedes

I just got a 2007 XJ8 supercharged, my STS I sold a year or so ago. (dont
ask me why)

Anyways, I thought I had made a good decision. It's hard to describe
in words, but the XJ8 doesnt feel safe.

I constantly feel like I'm going to hit something, or like its going out of control
It doesn't literally go out of control, but almost like psychologically
I feel out of control in the car.

So I brought the XJ8 to the guy who sold me my 2007 STS. I test
drove them both after each other, and sure enough in the STS I didn't
constantly feel like I was going to crash.

The dealer didn't have much of an explanation other than saying the Xj8 handling wasn't matched properly with how much power it has, and the
STS was matched properly. He's obviously biased.

I was on this forum back when I had my STS and I'm pretty sure you guys
know what youre talking about.

I'm going to take a huge hit by trading in the 85k xjr for a STS if I do it.

Does anyone know any actual proof besides this dealers rheotoric, of why
I feel 10 times more safe driving the STS than in my 2007 xjr?

Is it something with the frame? Steering? Or is it just in my head..

I want to make sure its not just in my head and im partial to cadillacs before I take the 20k hit on getting rid of this brand new xjr.

Also, the dealer is telling me theres nothing new on the 2008 STS which I wanna make sure is true before I fall for that.

This is the same thing they told me on the 2007 XJR, then I found out the 2008 XJR's have 500 new features.

Anyways, the XJR doesnt doesnt feel right. You cant seem to relax, unless it's all in my mind, it seems like in this XJR you constantly have to be paying
close detail or youll go offroad. It also seems super low to the ground (the xjr) which
may just be from me driving a yukon for the year my STS was gone.

The cadillac STS I used to have never made me feel out of control.

The LS430 mightve been the only other good option...

10-29-07, 03:12 PM
does the Jag dealer have another 07 xjr to drive? compare that to yours.

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10-29-07, 06:35 PM
id make sure what your feeling is a legit problem 1st

why did you dump your STS for a XJR anyways?
if you buy a Jag you have to own too, one will always be in the shop

10-29-07, 07:33 PM
I almost bought a 2004 XJR instead of my 2005 STS V8. I love the Jag but have never put the boots to it like I did my little X-TYPE. So I don't know about being unsafe as the RPM's climb. Jags are very picky about the rims and tires being correct. I am glad I got the STS, but I will be looking for another car next year and will be looking at the VDP and R again. The STS will still be in the family ( passed down to wife ) and little jag down to the daughter. Then again, if I can find a deal on an STS-V, who knows..

Curious George
10-30-07, 03:32 PM
Hey, if you're trading in a 400+hp XJR, get a 469 hp STS-V.

10-30-07, 07:33 PM
XJRs like R Series come with a firmer ride than regular Jags . They do perform well too . Despite some weirdness Jaguar it's a Jaguar .
I don't like X350 models either they're like Series II .

11-03-07, 04:10 PM
There can't be something wrong with the jag, I bet it drives better than the STS. But once it's in your head it never gets out.

Number 3
11-04-07, 12:24 AM
Hmm only thing I can think of off the top of my head is probably a wheel balancing or alignment problem, so may be have that checked out. My father has the LS430 and it is a damn good car....nothing else to really say about it. Good luck with all that!

11-04-07, 08:50 PM
In my honest opinion, Cadillac makes a better suspension and is known for "gripping the road." I have heard a lot of Cadillac owners who have driven cars like Lincoln and complained about the "uncontrollable" feeling. I think it's the car.

11-06-07, 07:19 PM
a couple of things to consider and and to check out: first, doing some quick research on the xj, the distance between the front axle plane and the firewall, is kinda tight for a v8. ideally, you want to see the entire motor behind the front axle plane...but; due to safety considerations for crash protection, you rarely see this setup, including the v8 sts. this front end heavy setup wouldn't lead to nasty handling in a straight line but in the twisties, it can be a nightmare even with all the electronic aids.

the one thing you can check are the tires...not only the brand and the model but the tire pressures...make sure they match the specs setforth by the manufacturer...even a couple pounds of difference, especially front to rear can make a car dangerous in hard braking conditions or in the turns.

lastly, cadillac has had a lightbulb go on when they changed over to the sigma platform in terms of handling and overall performance. there is no comparison between the fwd platform it replaced and the current platform. i am amazed at how well my car handles. in my estimation the same can not be said for the xj, the ride is more important than the overall performance of the car...it shouldn't feel dangerous but it's more in line with the ride/handling characteristics of the older caddys: supple but controlled.

the sts is anything but supple.


11-10-07, 02:58 PM
I recently drove a late model Jaguar for a few hundred miles - rented from Hertz in Los Angeles. I agree with the feeling you are describing. It was not a confident or relaxed driving experience.

Hard to put in words, but it felt like it wandered all over the road, and it felt like a very harsh ride for such an expensive car. The harsh ride did not translate into better handling, it just felt harsh. Lots of impact harshness over small bumps, and it seemed to wallow and bob over large bumps - not controlled.

I assumed it was specific to the car I rented - figured somebody wrecked it prior to me renting it. You are not crazy, Jags do feel like that, IMO.

11-10-07, 08:28 PM
If it was rented, it could be anything. Tire presure, front end out of alignment. Jags do not drive like that. They are rock solid easy to drive, hand off the wheel at 120MPH. Hey it took me 3 months to get my caddy correct.

12-20-07, 01:50 PM
well nothing has changed except that when I do go 70mph or faster the jaguar actually drives nice, but in minnesota I cant
drive 70mph all the time, so city driving essentially sucks

i drove a camry that handles better in the city, i am getting the wheels checked as suggested in here

the dealer did a nasty thing to me too which you guys may know about, which is a seperate topic from this thread

I paid full invoice, like $86,000, for a 2007 XJR, about the time this thread was started. I was in a big business deal at the time
and very stressed so I didn't even question the girl who was selling it.

Anyways, I asked her if they had any 08 XJR's and if anything was being changed in the 08 model. She said 08's werent coming out for a few months and they were changing NOTHING.

I have no clue how I bought an 07 so late in the year and believed her, I guess my business deal at the time had my head reeling. Somehow I trusted her, it was a jaguar dealership, I thought they'd have some class.

Anyways, the 08's WERE OUT when I bought my 07 XJR at full invoice. They had them in the lot. Also, she lied. They changed the body style, added noise dampening glass in the entire car (probably would cost me $15,000 to get the glass put into my 07), all new body style like I said, cooling seats, support for 5 bluetooth phones, some other noise dampening stuff, and I believe 20 or so other features.

So I paid this girl $87,000 for a 07 XJR while they had 08 XJR's in the lot like an idiot. How much do you think I lost on the deal? Shouldn't I have got the 07 for like 77,000 or even less if they had all new 08's with 50+ new changes and an all new body style??

The b**ch is lucky I had just sold a 4 million dollar company and wasn't paying attention, but now I'm pissed. Also jaguars sucks in my opinion.

I'm going to the cadillac dealership today to checkout some sts-v's. The NEW 08 jaguar might have been okay, but unforunately I have an 07. And by the way it was the showfloor model does that take anything off the price???

**** jaguar!!

12-20-07, 04:31 PM
Trade or sell the jag for a Cadillac. You'll be happier as Cadillac's are much easier to love.

On second note, put some of your share in an IRA, Emergency Account, and Mutual Funds. Don't know what you got, but you probably know what to do and I'm sure you won't blow it. I wish I could sell my company for that... but then... it's not even built all the way - it's just beginning. :)

12-20-07, 05:18 PM
i buy domains, but i put almost all of it back into domains so unfortunately i dont get to retire just yet..:)

i got a little over excited though when i bought the jaguar, was kind of a bad choice..

i really like how its made out of aluminum though the mpg is pretty cool for such a fast car, maybe it just doesnt belong in minnesota

ill try and bring it to scottsdale if i ever get a place there

im into technology so the cts-v would probably be good for me, i dont know how much smaller the cabin seems like after being used to an STS

i also miss burning rubber in my STS, my jaguar WILL NOT burn rubber even though its real wheel drive

12-20-07, 07:13 PM
Why don't you check out the new CTS?

12-20-07, 08:38 PM
i also miss burning rubber in my STS, my jaguar WILL NOT burn rubber even though its real wheel drive

LOL! LMFAO! :rofl: Damn! Sorry.
The STS is 6 inches longer and wider than the CTS. Go to a dealer and try both. And yes, you'd want the V series.

12-21-07, 07:09 AM
Solve all your problems at once. Go get an STS-V. End of story. You'l be nothing but smiles....

12-21-07, 09:39 PM
My best friend drives an '05 XJR, I think his car rides too soft for a fast car and CANNOT handle speed as well as my STS-V, he thinks my car rides way too stiff around town for a "Luxury Car", and there you have it as why it feels unsafe to you...you're probably driving it too fast. You know, those things have that "air ride" suspension, so it kinda rides like a Greyhound bus...definately not a high speed drivers ride.

12-21-07, 09:56 PM
Gosh. I hate puzzy-soft rides.

12-23-07, 02:53 PM
07 versus 08 STS: Look at the front end clip and fender vents. The 07s and 08s are different. Just so you don't get taken by "there are no changes" again...... Also, the V6 got bumped to about 300 HP for 08 (V8 stayed at 320), which makes the v8/v6 trade off more of an actual decision now. Likely a few more things, but those really stand out to me. However, as stated above, STS-V!!!!!!!!!!

12-30-07, 11:25 AM
"The LS430 mightve been the only other good option..."

If you think the Jag doesn't handle well wait until you own the Lexus. You don't have to take my word for it. Just check out on this website, what the German magazine, Auto Motor und Sport, has to say, http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/tests/vergleichstest/hxcms_article_507352_13987.hbs

"Die beste Luxuslimousine ist der Lexus nicht. Im Federungskomfort verfehlt der Lexus klar das Klassenniveau. Speziell auf der Autobahn wird seine Karosserie zu ständigen Stuckerbewegungen angeregt, die man viel billigeren Autos nicht verzeihen würde." Or if your German is not that great, "The best luxury car the Lexus isn't. Its ride is not up to the standard of its class. Especially on the autobahn the body is prone to wallowing movements that you wouldn't accept of much cheaper cars."
Testing the Lexuses myself I also always felt that they were a little too "enthusiastic" about their power numbers. Note that in this test the alleged 425hp (!) LS600 fails to beat a 235hp diesel Mercedes S-class in the performance department.