: No alarm on the CTS-V?

10-26-07, 05:25 PM

I did the alarm test posted a while back on the site.. roll down rear window, set alarm, reach in, unlock, open door.. no alarm.
So I took it into the shop and they said the V has no Content Alarm... I showed them the test and they said it doesn't have one..




10-26-07, 05:49 PM
Anyone messing with BADILAC will face serious consequences. Alarm not necessary.

10-26-07, 07:04 PM
there is a TSB on it, they just have to turn it on....and ya there is a content alarm (kinda) they should be able to turn it on...they're just ignorant.

here, show em this


10-27-07, 12:32 AM
My idiot dealer said the same thing. The service manager called me and said "My tech that is an expert at these things looked at it and said it didn't have it."

Gave him the TSB number to which he didn't like very much that I had that information. Blah blah blah. Calls me back five minutes later in a pissy voice and says "My tech turned it on" and hangs up.

Thank you sir may I have another. SFD. Stupid Freakin' Dealers.

Mercedes Benz is calling me...sure they aren't perfect either but COME ON! :banghead:

10-27-07, 08:12 AM
Refer them to this bulletin.
Be sure to follow step 2 properly, the security light must go out before Content theft will arm.

10-27-07, 09:53 AM
My V was purchased new and the alarm came deactivated from the factory.
I noticed it a few days later and called dealership-they were clueless.
I found the TSB on FAQ and faxed it to them, they acknowledged issue.
Dropped car off to correct, car sat for day, nothing was done.
I called them when I got home, they said they lost the TSB-geez, you think they could have located on their computer, but they didn't.
I had to take car back in, with three printed TSBs on seats and dashboard.
I picked car up, and WOW, it was fixed.

Yet another get testimonial championing Cadillac Dealers (not you Luke).
By the way, this dealer never touched my V after this event.
"Hate the dealer, not the V!!!"

10-27-07, 09:06 PM
Many thanks to all !

10-29-07, 08:40 AM
No dealer needed, Instructions for activating the alarm are in the owner's manual the last time I looked.