: 1/4 mile time update

10-25-07, 07:55 PM
Hey guys jusy ran the cat tonight and got a 16.4@ 85.08 mph best before was 16.5 @ 83.78 track temp was cool around 60 and i had 1/4 tank of 93 with some stp octane booster tonight and i let the car cool after every run i ran two 15.5's a 16.6 and finally last run 16.4 :want:

10-25-07, 10:31 PM
whoops 15.5 ha ha i wish thats suposed to be 16.5

10-26-07, 11:15 AM
you should shave some weight outta the car. When i take mine to the track, im obviously gonna take out the spare tire. Im also thinking about taking out the whole back seat, i know it doesnt weigh much but o well. And ive also heard that the 2 stock resonators for the exhaust weigh about 40 lbs each, so i was gonna remove those and replace them with some straight pipe. Ive heard that every 100 lbs you take off your car is supposed to take .1 off of your time. Dont know if thats true or not though...

10-28-07, 09:05 PM
already did lol have mufflers removed and no spare tire with 1/4 tank

10-29-07, 01:27 AM
o. haha. well then idk what to tell you. good for you that u took it to the track though. i was supposed to take mine out several weeks in a row but kept runing into financial problems and mechanical problems with the car. i cant wait till next season.

10-29-07, 04:27 AM
you run at kilkare?

10-29-07, 08:58 AM
yep its about 15 mins from my apartment if the weather holds off they will continue to run test n tune ill let you know if they will run again and the date and time and you should come down and run your car its 15 bucks unlimited runs from 5-7,8,9 depends on how many people show up ive ran 10 times before lol