: Eldo Gone....

10-25-07, 06:15 PM
Hey you guys, its been a few months since I last got on this forum.
I had an unfortunate run in with the law and had my Eldorado impounded. I miss that car but it's ok because I got good use out of it. All the long trips, meaning 1000 miles or better and it never let me down, just a well built car.
Only complaint I have is that with three kids, a two door was a little awkward when my kids were entering and exiting the vehicle. having kids and all, I think this time Im going with the 4 door STS or SLS.
Can anyone offer me any advice on what to look for and the amount of money I should spend to get a reliable strong running N*. Also, what kind of around town and mixed freeway driving gas mileage can I expect with these cars. I can live with it if the gas mileage even if it's only slightly better than my old 4.9.

10-25-07, 06:20 PM