: 1990 307 hard cold starts

10-25-07, 04:55 PM
I've owned this car since new, and its been the best vehicle and engine that I've ever seen. After 18 years, 219K miles, and only routine replacement of ignition parts, belts, pvc valve, etc, it still sounds and runs like the day that I bought it. Recently, it has taken about 30 seconds of cranking to get it started if it has sat for more then 12 hours. Immediately after it starts, it will run like the day that I bought the car -- smooth, quiet, normal power, no smoke, same gas mileage, everything perfect. There is never any smoke, and restarts are virtually instantaneous, even if I shut it off within 5 seconds of of the hard start episode. It is as if there was no fuel in the carb and the fuel pump had to fill it first. I've checked and replaced any questionable vacuum lines. The choke snaps shut and seems to operate normally. The fuel filter has maybe 5K miles. Even if I pump the gas pedal between crankings to try to get some gas into the throat it will not sputter. No dice until it is ready and then everything is perfect. I am pretty good mechanically, but no carb expert. Can the carb bowl drain dry? Could the anti-diesel fuel shut-off be sticking? I have not seen this problem in the archives, but I have seen a lot of good help. Can anyone help me? Thanks