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Tom Simpson
04-27-04, 08:17 PM

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Tom Simpson
04-27-04, 09:49 PM
The beginning of the story....

OK guys, 3 weeks ago a bright orange Mullet (84 Camaro Z-28) was stolen from my digs in NW Peoria. the car belongs to a good friend who is currently serving in Iraq.
Some of the details (and pics of the car) are mentioned in this thread;
http://www.azstreetracing.com/forum/index....opic=6114&st=20 (http://www.azstreetracing.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=6114&st=20)
A news story was here:
http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepub...tcar0417Z2.html (http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepub...tcar0417Z2.html)
And you can download a Fox10 news cast about it here:
http://www.arizonafbody.com/fox10.wmv (http://www.arizonafbody.com/fox10.wmv)
I found out that although I called the police as soon as I knew the car was missing, the offical report wasn't filed for a week, and then was immediatly placed on "inactive status" because there were no motives or suspects.
So fast forward to Wednesday night. (4/21) I get a call from another AZFBA member informing me that he just brought a fiberglass cowl hood for the low price of $40, sure enough the sides are still bright orange (the rest had been poorly painted in glossy black). I got out to look at it, the sticker with the serial numbers from Harwood was still on the hood, exact match.
He tells me he was out working on his own car (lives near Avondale) when a Crackhead looking guy rolled up to his house (in a brown olds Silouthette mini van) and asked if he wanted to buy a hood. he said sure.
Crackhead tells him that he'll be right back with it, cause he only lives a few blocks away. He comes back driving a truck that is a early 70s Chevy Front end and a modern day stepside back end all painted blue. (AZ plate 595-LYW). Unloading the hood he makes small talk saying he races his Nova and Grand National at Speedworld.
We call the Avondale police and tell them what's happening. An hour passes after hearing nothing from them I call back and they told me "well you're not in our jurisdiction, you mght be in PHX, Tollenson or Maricopa Sheriff's juris, but not ours." Great customer service! http://www.azstreetracing.com/forum/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif Meanwhile we've discoverd where this guys lives, but there's 10 or so guys out in front of his house, so decided to try to keep it low key and let the police do what they are paid for.
So Phoenix PD is called 2 hours later they show up. The cop is very blunt about the part that since Crackhead lives on the other side of 107th ave he's in Avondale and can't do anything about the fact that he was selling stolen property out of the back of a truck. He was going to file a report and pass it along to their "car theft unit" but not to hold my breath waiting to hear anything. However since it's obvious where the hood came from we got to bring that home cause he "didn't want to impound a hood, too much paperwork." Gee thanks http://www.azstreetracing.com/forum/html/emoticons/dry.gif
So for any and all that are interested I did a little research ...
Crackhead's real name is Gene Wilbur Bare, Jr. his address is 10846 W. Hopi in Avondale. The house is a mobile home (like a construction office trailer type) There's a 60's Nova, black with flames sitting on a trailer in his front yard ( in the barrio literally), there is also his Black Grand National, Frankenstien Chevy Truck and his brown mini van. This place is a dump but he had a huge 10'-12" tall garage in back and the entire back section of the place is surrounded by a 9 foot cinder block wall which probably doubled the property value. he's gone to great lengths to make sure you can't see into his back yard.
I do know that he is 30 and will be turning 31 in July he was arrested for theft in 1992. He's described as a white male, blond hair and slim build.
If anyone knows this guy, and since the police don't really feel like doing thier jobs, I would love to get some info on where he got that hood (gee I wonder http://www.azstreetracing.com/forum/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif ).
There is a substantial reward for the return of the mullet. The owner ws already planning on changing the driveline out to something else upon his return to the valley, but he would love to have the shell back to go with the hood. Chances are that if it is still in mostly one piece it's black as the hood was very obiviously on the car when it was painted.
If anyonewould like to host pics of "Gene's" dump let me know.. we've got a few.
Thanks for reading my rant, the local police departments can kiss my ass. It must be nice to get paid for a job you never even do.

Tom Simpson
04-28-04, 11:47 AM

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