: Cimarron not looking too bad...

10-22-07, 03:45 PM
I own an 88 Cimarron, and a 96 DeVille. The DeVille has had two new water pumps, two Batteries, a starter (ouch) currently needs new uber-shocks (2000$) and the windshields cracked. I also have codes for some O2 sensors I haven't replaced yet. I've just now finished replacing the fuel pump on the Cimarron. Oh, yeah I've replaced a battery on it since I've owned it. Now I'm looking at these threads, 30+ pages of ISSUES with Cateras, and I'm starting to think, maybe a simpler car wouldn't be such a bad idea (something more appealing than a Cimarron LOL). Thoughts?

10-24-07, 06:56 PM
If your looking for a vehicle that won't ever give you a migraine, the catera is probably not the car for you. I would say that the majority of the Catera owners on this forum have a love hate relationship with there cats, I know i do. In hindsight, I probably cant afford to own a catera myself, im a fulltime student so i dont have cash to throw away. But I dont think i could ever sell it, pretty much as soon as you buy a catera you've passed the point of no return. I guess theres really nothing like owning an Opel-llac. Keep the Cat Alive!!

10-25-07, 12:13 AM
The 30+ pages should have scared you away. If they didn't maybe you're our kind of guy. I bought my 2001 Catera Sport before finding this site. If I had I wouldn't have bought it, though if I hadn't bought it I would have missed out on a great sport sedan. A budget BMW. No Cadillac before the Catera ever handled like this. No floating battleship feel to this car. The ride is closer to Corvette than Cadillac. I absolutely love this car.

It's had a few issues that I've had to address like weeping cam covers and a leaking heater valve but I expected to repair things with a used car. I just didn't know the Catera had such potentially catastrophic weaknesses. So far the oil cooler is OK but my cam belt tensioner is due for replacement. I wish there was a way to convert the cam belt to a chain but regardless, I accept this and her other quirks as part of owning the best handling car I've ever owned.

Crisp handling is more important to me than top speed bragging rights. As big as this country is there are no autobahns on which to explore the upper reaches of the speedometer. This baby turns like a go-kart. Sometimes I turn off the TCS to use the throttle and induce some oversteer. After so many years in FWD cars I'd almost forgotten how to do it. When the money appears I'll add lowering springs, premium sport dampers, and strut braces front and rear. I'll probably add upgraded control arm bushings (if I ever find any) and eccentric bolts on the struts to fine tune the wheel alignment.

I added dimpled & slotted discs with performance pads and installed bigger 2004 GTO front brake calipers that replaced the stock ones. Nothing wrong with the Cat Sport's handling or brakes but I don't know many enthusiasts that can leave well enough alone. I briefly ran autocross years ago, before being a responsible father took precedence, and would like to maybe start again now that they're grown.

Don't let my rose colored enthusiasm sway you. If you're looking for a dependable daily driver, the kind you can ignore maintenance and subject to abuse, the Catera isn't for you. If you want a driver's car that, like a thoroughbred horse, requires attention..............welcome aboard.