View Full Version : My Boring Vid...Old Blown Ls6 Snips & a Little New Stuff From Last Week...

10-21-07, 08:57 PM

Had a little fun a while back with a vette with mods plus a little of last weekend. It's long 7:20 something so I'm warning you if you'd like to pass. Funny how trees, grass and land looks in other videos compared to cement barriors even though speeds were 130....

I need to go West or Mid West for sure to see some greenery (while smoking a Cuban cigar of course afterwards)

Next will be the bullet cam in late November so that should look like real time....

10-21-07, 09:17 PM
Can't wait to watch it again when I get my sound working. :thumbsup:

10-22-07, 10:55 AM
Turn it up:D

10-22-07, 09:21 PM
Another great video. Thanks

10-23-07, 09:35 AM
Nice vid chef. Your helmet looks great too! Where did you get it done?

10-23-07, 10:12 AM
Thanks Woody -

Ended up getting it sprayed locally from an instructor at Bondurant, Tim Maddux.

Weird story because I sent it to your guy first and the post office/mail system lost my helmet:cookoo: so I had to buy a new one quick and get it sprayed here. Still working on re-imbursement from our friends.:confused:


10-23-07, 08:33 PM
Must be your helmet fit one of the mail guys! That really sucks that they lost/stole your helmet. The good thing is you live in Phoenix where it's easy to get another one. Hopefully your original doesn't turn up and they just give you the money for it.

Keep the vids coming.