: Looking for a BLS engine badge, advice requested

10-21-07, 01:59 AM
I'm looking for the black, rectangular engine badge in a BLS that has the Cadillac wreath and the word "turbo".

Is the part number on the back? What is it?

Anybody interested in helping me buy one or trading their's for one that says Saab turbo? If you have a BLS, you can instantly turn it into a Saab engine and I will be able to turn my engine into a Cadillac engine! I am also willing to order one from another country and pick it up from the dealer there. I wouldn't order it until shortly before I left for the country. UK? Ireland? Things are cheaper in Jersey but no Cadillac dealer there, I think. France? Mexico? Singapore?

12-10-07, 05:55 PM
how about Germany?