View Full Version : ohio people

10-20-07, 07:16 PM
How many people are from Ohio or near Ohio? Im in Hilliard Ohio.

Cadi Cat
10-20-07, 07:43 PM
Goodrich, Michigan. About 2 1/2 hours north of the border. Me and the caddy are going cedar point next sunday!!!

10-20-07, 09:28 PM
to the haunted house? , im about 2.5 hours away from there also

Cadi Cat
10-21-07, 05:08 PM
If they have one hell yah! I don't know what's going on there this year. All I know is the annual halloweekend thing.

10-21-07, 05:13 PM
Springfield Ohio =)

10-22-07, 01:13 AM
yeah they do it every year.. Pete your only 40 minutes from me.

10-22-07, 01:14 AM
New Philadelphia, Ohio
(near the Canton/Akron area)

10-22-07, 01:48 AM
My sister lives in Canton

10-22-07, 08:51 PM
So 2 car cruise in for me and 10ktgold? ha ha j/k I wish we had many members that lived close my dad is on the corvette forum and a few guys meet the first monday of every month and eat i also know a few people in Buckeye Goats (Ohio GTO Club) and they do similar stuff too

10-22-07, 09:02 PM
lol yeah. i have a friend on the gto forums. look him up his name is deejay, he has a gto and a transam and a z28 that runs 11's.....