: Considering an '07 And looking for advice

Northern SRX
10-20-07, 08:39 AM
Vehicle no. 1 is an '04 V8 SRX, lease due to end in a year - looking at another SRX to replace it at that time. I am new to Cadillac and have been impressed for the past 3 years (not so much on reliability but on all the other intrinsic characteristics).

Am also due to replace vehicle no. 2 and am considering either an '07 STS or an '08 CTS. I'm looking for a sedan that will be primarily for the 30 km commute to work (1/2 rural, 1/2 city). Comfort, performance, and safety will trump issues like rear leg room, trunk size, etc. (we'll have the SRX for that). We live in Ontario but not in the snow belt but put winter tires even on our AWD SRX. I used to drive a RWD '92 Mazda 929 with winter tires and it was fine (and that was without all-speed traction control or Stabilitrak!) so the STS or CTS wouldn't need to be AWD.

I absolutely love the looks of the new CTS but suspect it will need the first year to lick niggling quality issues and, besides, the initial price probably will be a little sticky.

Which is what's having me really consider a CPO '07 STS with low kms on it (I've seen several with well under 20k kms for mid $30s for RWD V6 and just under $40k for RWD V8 or AWD V6). To me, any of them sound like a deal.

So, any advice as to: (1) RWD snow driving; (2) V6 vs. V8 powertrain; (3) problem areas I should look for when shopping a CPO '07.

Much obliged!

10-20-07, 10:29 PM
I would get the CTS in AWD considering that you already have a SRX.

10-21-07, 11:11 AM
I was in the same situation. I was all set to get a 2008 cts ,
until i saw a 2006 sts awd V6 26 km , in the autotrader. I saved 19,000.00 cdn over the new cts and the sts was optioned out more . I can afford it , but there was too much of a price difference. They do drop in price quite a bit when used, so the smart money is on used , when buying a depreciating item like a car.V6 is adequate for the car. V8 is fabulous . I would not consider a rwd, even though we dont get much snow anymore ( Toronto ). I remember slip sliding away in the 80`s .
Check out autotrader.ca. There are somemore low km sts`s , with two to three years warranty remaining. The dealers are bring them in from the USA.
Mine came from Detroit, and the Cadillac dealer can call up the service history on them. It was important to me to buy from a Cadillac ( GM ) dealer.
I may buy a 2009 cts , one year old, in 2010.
PS, if i found a V8 awd in the right colour , i`d be in heaven , as this car i have now is very satisfying. Just one issue, the pillars are real thick , big blind spots. Tougher to see out of , than the 2000 sts i had.

Northern SRX
10-23-07, 05:30 AM
Thanks for the advice and opinions both of you. I have to admit that I am very fond of the STS but jazzed about the '08 CTS' design. Not one to be wooed by flash over substance though, I'm thinking that an AWD V8 STS w/MRC would handle and accelerate right up there with the CTS but without announcing it to the entire world.

loman, you captured my views to a "T". I'm in the Ottawa area and we have a couple of dealers who have obviously imported vehicles from the States and are offering Caddies at near-eBay prices. The 2007 STS is very attractive at the prices being offered - like you, some 15-20k less than what I'd have to pay for an '08 CTS similarly optioned.

I've trolled this forum and do not find a plethora of complaints about quality issues - sure, the typical stuff, but nothing terrible. Because of my experience with my '04 V8 AWD SRX, I will shy away from models with the 5L40-E transmission - too many issues which, although I am sure they had licked by the introduction of the STS, would cause me to be too suspicious of any hesitation or jerky shift.

Thanks again for the insight and I still welcome other opinions and/or insights into your satisfaction with the STS.


c5 rv
10-23-07, 08:36 AM
I had an 04 CTS with a set of winter tires & wheels and had no problems in the winter except getting into my sloping driveway on icy days. (I just needed a running start.) So, I wouldn't be concerned about getting AWD - especially since you'll have the "utility" vehicle (SRX) for really bad days.

I think an 07 CPO STS would be preferable to a new CTS for a number of reasons:

- Concern about first year quality problems with the CTS
- Longer warranty
- Less depreciation (useful if you buy instead of lease)
- Availability of a Northstar.

Cost wise, if there isn't a price premium on the CTS, the monthly lease on a new CTS would probably be about the same as a 5 year loan on an 07 CPO STS V6. The STS V8 would likely be more. Because of the (hopefully) lower depreciation of the used car and transferability of the the CPO warranty, the resale value of the STS should not be less than what you owe after a short while.

Northern SRX
10-24-07, 07:07 AM
Thanks c5rv - the rwd option is definitely on the table. I have a second set of wheels for the SRX and would do the same for an STS or CTS, whether RWD or AWD. I think the CTS would be better suited to my intended use - mainly a commuter car - as errands and family outings would be with the SRX. And I think that the V6 in either the STS or CTS would be plenty of engine for either vehicle. Still, I hear you about the 1st year reliability of the CTS - although that would equally apply to the '08 STS V6.

Although the current prices of an '07 CPO are attractive, I am leaning toward waiting a few more months as prices up here in Ontario are likely headed down given a recent abrupt shift in US-CDN$ exchange rates and the subsequent pressure on manufacturers and retailers to bring their prices in line with American ones. (For example, the base price of an STS v6 in the US is $43,245 whereas the same car in Canada lists for over $57,000! :annoyed: ) By the time I wait that out, the '09 CTS might be out! :crying2:

10-24-07, 01:46 PM
Man I really like my 06 STS v RWD. For bad weather,(I am a tornado chaser), I use my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Againt her complaints. :helpless:

Bill Smith
11-28-07, 04:46 PM
I also live in Toronto and opted to buy a demo 05 STS 2 years ago with V8 and AWD. It belonged to the GM dealer principal. I changed the tires to Goodyear Eagle F1's with very aggresive all season capability. There have been a few issues as this car is quite high tech but the dealer has been good so far -Kerr Cadillac. The car has every option and is terrific to drive, excepting a niggling transmission "chuggle" which I am having the dealer attend to, apparently a re-programming issue.. Kerr is trying to sell me another one and openly advertises that he will bring it up from the USA at competitive US prices, not the price we usually get gouged at.

11-29-07, 10:39 PM
Get the 2008 3.6 CTS4 !

Northern SRX
11-30-07, 05:56 AM
I have put off the purchase until the Spring - prices up here in the used market continue to fall.

I have to say that, as much as I love the look of the CTS, I find it a little too showy. I guess that I'm just as happy to see others driving them on the road as I would actually owning one.

Bill Smith, I hear you about the transmission - I have the same drivetrain in our '04 V8 AWD SRX. It finally got a reflash to settle it down (there was a pronounced shift hesitation ~50 kph). Unfortunately, I think the reflash took a little off the acceleration but it's scarcely noticeable.

As for your tars, I wouldn't even dream of driving our winters with all-seasons. Sure, you can "make it through" the winter with them but good winter tires actually allow you to enjoy winter. That being said, there's more than a slight difference between Toronto and Ottawa winters even though we don't get a lot of snow up here, it's a few degrees cooler and all-seasons' tread compound just gets too stiff as the temp starts approaching the freezing mark. I can tell you that the winter tires on the SRX made a massive difference in grip: that vehicle is now as-planted in the winter as it is in the summer and is now a blast to drive year-round.

A little anecdote: Last night's commute home was struck by a sudden snow squall and a temperature plunge from around 2C to -2C. Obviously, the plows couldn't be everywhere at the same time and the urban roads became super greasy while many rural roads became polished by the winds. I saw some hapless person miss a low speed turn and destroy the front end of a brand new AWD BMW X3 on a utility pole. When I stopped to help I noted his tires were not snows (Michelins, I think, but definitely all-seasons). Coulda happened anyway but...

Okay, so I'm a little doctrinaire on this issue... ;-p