: Had Offer Of $26k For My V But No Reply!

10-20-07, 08:06 AM
I had an offer of $26k for my V, which is in completed listing for ebay . The guy said he'd call me back yesterday afternoon so I sent payoff to bank and was wondering if anyone else had interest in case he never calls! If anyone is interested then PM me as I have to sell the car asap. It is the cleanest one you'll see with no paintwork. Any inputs would be appreciated and if the moderators could leave this up for a little while then that would also be appreciated. I did pay my dues for 2 years (along with fiance' for one year who never came on site) and have no reason to continue paying as I have to sell the car. I'll be back when I get an '09 V! Thanks and anyone looking, this may be the right car for you.