View Full Version : Cranks, Starts Sometimes, but won't stay running

10-19-07, 05:04 PM
My inlaws have a 2000 Catera. It cranks and eventually will start but the rpms shot up and then down and usually stalls. When it stays running it is very low rpm and sputtering. If you hit the gas the engine does not respond, if I floor it the rpms may creep up a little but still sputtering and backfiring. If you pop the hood I can hear a high pitch whine like an electric drill just barely turning. The t/c, check engine, and the sport shifting lights are all on. I took it to autozone when the lights just came in and it started acting up here and there. They said it had 4 o2 sensor codes for all 4 o2 sensors. Do you think all 4 o2 are bad? The whine sounds like it is coming from the T/B, do you think the drive by wire motor is no good. Also I found a sort piece of wire by the intake. When I ran the part # on the wire it said temperature sensor and the temp gauge has not worked in a while. Could this be causing the problems. Any help would be great other wise I will have it towed to Caddy to be diagnosed and I will change the parts. Thanks again.