: This guy is dreaming..............

10-19-07, 03:46 PM
..............but if he gets his price I'm driving to Canada and selling mine!!

Click the picture to go to the ad.
http://usedcarpics.auto123.com/604FRASERVALLEYCLEARANCECENTRE/1547979.jpg (http://driving.canada.com/buy/used/details.spy?carid=1547979&origin=vast)


10-19-07, 05:32 PM
Yea, that's pretty funny! I'll join you.

10-19-07, 05:43 PM
same here if I can get that kind of money I am selling it on the spot... and probably putting the money towards a GTO 6.0L or a CTS-V but highly unlikely, I doubt that there are such silly men walking this earth...

10-20-07, 03:36 PM
thats a good one.
wonder what he's thinkin, eh?

10-20-07, 03:42 PM
yah he aint getting that money... ill tell u that right now (canadian here)

Cadi Cat
10-20-07, 04:41 PM
haha, yeah right!! I paid 10,000 for mine with 56k on it. He'll never sell that car. I wonder how much money he had to put into it to sell it considering it probably was a trade in.

10-20-07, 06:44 PM
This is more accurate to what we can get for our cars here:
http://trader.ca/search/Results.asp?BFROM=1&BAD=N&BPRICE=N&BTYPE=B&BCAT=1&BOREGION=-1&BYEAR1=2000&BYEAR2=2001&BPRICE1=&BPRICE2=&BKEYWORD=&BMAKE=696&BMODEL=CATERA&BMAKENAME=CADILLAC&category=1&region=-1&makeid=696&modelcode=17504&adcopy=&multiphoto=N&SortBy=askprice&SortOrder=d&DisplayType=&DisplayRowCount=&mknm=696&mdnm=CATERA&subcategory=&CAT=1# (http://trader.ca/search/Results.asp?BFROM=1&BAD=N&BPRICE=N&BTYPE=B&BCAT=1&BOREGION=-1&BYEAR1=2000&BYEAR2=2001&BPRICE1=&BPRICE2=&BKEYWORD=&BMAKE=696&BMODEL=CATERA&BMAKENAME=CADILLAC&category=1&region=-1&makeid=696&modelcode=17504&adcopy=&multiphoto=N&SortBy=askprice&SortOrder=d&DisplayType=&DisplayRowCount=&mknm=696&mdnm=CATERA&subcategory=&CAT=1#)
Keep in mind it wasn’t until recently that our dollar is doing better the US. Many Canadians are buying cars in the states for that reason.

10-20-07, 07:15 PM
thats a good one.
wonder what he's thinkin, eh?
Its not what he is thinking,i wonder what is he smoking.

10-22-07, 12:21 PM

sometimes you canadians worry me.

10-22-07, 02:36 PM
FWD yeah that is the one off special edition and thats why its so much money.... its probably got a 8cylinder Rotory engine with the foged connecting rods and turbo and... maybe its got those special muffler bearings... Who knows...

:hide: Ohhh dear...

10-22-07, 05:30 PM
FWD??? sometimes you canadians worry me.

Nah... It has nothing to do with being Canadian and everything to do with being an idiot salesman. I love going to dealerships after the new models debut and trolling for salesmen. I've already read the preview articles and First Drive reviews in the magazines and then ask simple questions about features and performance. When they fail I never call them stupid for not knowing the product they sell. I do however make sure they know they're dealing with an informed customer and probably blew a sale. I had one tell me that fuel injection was like turbocharging because it squirted the fuel in faster than a carburetor. GEEZ........


10-22-07, 08:39 PM
Wait wait my catera is front wheel drive.......... in reverse ha ha ha:lolsign::halo:

10-23-07, 02:28 PM
Many people were suprised when I told them that these cars are RWD.

10-23-07, 05:43 PM
yea i knew a girl that had one and didnt know it wasnt front wheel drive...............

10-23-07, 06:59 PM
I was at an small car gathering at an event once and the people there didn't believe that it was a RWD they thought i was BSing them but they all believed when they saw me leaving the parking lot with a lot of overseer and smoke from the back end...

I am proud of that car because it surprises many people on a daily basis and it makes just about everyone wanting to own one.

10-23-07, 08:24 PM
My favorite part is the "gas saver" quote, down at the bottom.

10-23-07, 08:32 PM
my cat does ok on the higway around 28 prolly but in town....dif story

10-23-07, 08:36 PM
yea I say you want this car or a 98 or so civic or accord cause there about same price now I love my Cat and they are starting to get a lil rare too

10-24-07, 11:01 AM
yea, but the only reason they are getting rare is cuz they keep breaking down and people just junk em

10-24-07, 12:55 PM
True but still

10-24-07, 02:48 PM
well i guess its a good and bad thing. its cool cuz you wont see them as often, so when you do see one its better, but it also means that finding used parts is gonna get harder and more expensive.