: Steinmetz Exhaust

10-19-07, 02:27 PM
Here she as dirty as hell from the storm last night... but I was able to take a few shots but no video yet... I just wanted to show the difference between the looks of the old one and the new one...

The Ehxaust

Under the car...

and just a few random shots from the side.... I love that stance.. :lildevil:

10-19-07, 09:10 PM
Show-off. ;) Once again you take your Catera to the next level. We need a sound bite.

Let's clear something up once and for all. Are the 2 canisters mufflers or resonators? And just what the hell does a resonator do for me?


10-20-07, 12:41 AM
resonators decrease sound by having sound waves cancel each other out. service manuals say there are 2 mufflers and one rear resonator. i still think otherwise

10-20-07, 04:42 AM
The 2 resonators (or mufflers) look stock, are they indeed the same as those on the old exhaust?

Also is the pipe diameter any larger from the stock exhaust?

10-20-07, 07:07 PM
nope exhaust size is the same as they just cut off the one from the show car.... in fact the show car didnt have cats so it may have been louder...

The two round looking things are resonators and the muffler is up back... they have different parts inside that allow to cancel some of the raspy noises that usually sound bad and also they keep the humming or those resonance points down so when you are going at 3000rpm on the highway its nice and quiet...
My Neon has a Camaro muffler with dual outlets and 2.5" pipes and it sounds bad ass but it humms a lot on the highway around 2700-3000 so I have to drive it up to 65mph or above 80 to stay away from that range otherwise it can drive you nuts after 30min...

BTW i noticed a little more power across the band and more low end torque even thou the muffler is a straight through design...
Now I have two identical exhaust systems and I was planning to take the one I got at home and upgrade the two mufflers to an x pipe or an H pipe and see how that would affect the sound... but the Steinmetz exhaust is very quiet and almost like the OEM one except somehow it sounds powerful and aggressive ... thats if you are behind me... you cant hear anything from inside the car so it is kind of disappointing...

But for 100$ i got two to mess around with... SOUND clip will be shot tomorrow probably...

Next up is the winter tires which are the OEM 17s and then I will be working on the Rear wing... planning to install the GTO rear wing and then tuck the exhaust even farther...

10-20-07, 08:07 PM
Catera MV6 what is tat under your front bumper?

10-20-07, 09:44 PM
Catera MV6 what is tat under your front bumper?

its a front lip that I got creative with and made it out of a grage door seal... it looks pretty awesome considering I spent only 14$ I think but it needs some cleaning...

I will try to post a how to for people that are interested in making their own lip... :mad2:

10-21-07, 12:51 PM
Here it is the long awaited movie clip...
The weather was very windy but you will be able to hear what it sounds like. I will shoot another one once I install the X pipe...

http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n50/CateraMV6/th_SteinmetzExhaustSmall.jpg (http://s109.photobucket.com/albums/n50/CateraMV6/?action=view&current=SteinmetzExhaustSmall.flv)

10-22-07, 12:15 AM
Here is a link to the youtube one since the other site failed...


10-22-07, 08:54 AM
Hey that exhaust souns nice, and how did ya make that lip?

10-22-07, 09:50 AM
I used some garage door seal and some double sided tape... and a little bit of imagination... and of course the objective was low budjet. The final result was good thou...
Look at one of the other posts that I got and you can find the more detailed info...

10-23-07, 11:40 AM
i put that same lip on my catera. it looks awesome. i wanna put it on the side too. i already held up the seal to the car and it looks like it would look pretty good. The back bumper is a diff story though. It really curvy so it seems like it would be really hard to get the seal onto the back bumper and have it look nice. idk, im gonna mess with it when i get some time. If you guys got any questions let me know.

10-23-07, 12:48 PM
Nice... well what do you guys think of the exhaust... I guess 80 views and no opinions yet... I wonder why?

10-23-07, 01:14 PM
haha. sorry. its alright. i personally prob wouldnt have got it. I dont really like the shape of the tip. And from what your saying it sound sound like you got no performance or sound gains.

10-23-07, 02:18 PM
So the 2 resonators are indeed stock GM?

So I guess that the only difference is the rear muffler?

The video's sound nearly stock.

10-23-07, 02:51 PM
well its louder and throatier then stock but still on the quiet side. My friends told me that it sounds totally different when I am actually accelerating... and the sound they described was an Infinity or a Nissan 350Z type sound... which is not bad but I cant hear it from the inside. So under load I guess its quite a different from just revving it in park... but I will try to shoot some drive by videos...

Thanks for the opinions guys.

I am planning to add an X Pipe in place of the 2 resonators and that should give it a substantial gain in sound but I guess hold your breaths and if all goes well in 2 weeks it should be done with a video clip..

10-23-07, 03:18 PM
damn if it sounded like a g35 that would be awesome. i love the way they purr. i added a K&N Filter to my car, and when i accelerate heavy it roars. haha. i love it.

01-28-08, 08:15 PM
Does anyone know the exact diameter of the exhaust system, I need to get some parts and I am not sure exactly what diameter it is... I speculate that its 2.25 buy it could be 2.5 as well... ? any input on this?

01-28-08, 10:09 PM
it is actually closer to 2inch a 2inch pipe will slide just over stock catera exhaust tubing I measured the diameter when i got my mufflers/resonators removed and they are just at like 2 inch if you want an x pipe you might have to get an adaptor from 2to2.5

01-29-08, 07:25 AM
Well I guess a 2.5 with two adaptors and then two 2.5 cherry bombs and then back down to 2... that should do it I guess....

01-29-08, 10:32 AM
yea cherry bomb glass packs? lol i just cut my mufflers/resonators out and replaced with pipe and that left tubing that goes into stock rear muffler sounds really good and is not annoying or ricer sounding either that and my intake make it roar under heavy aceleration but calm and mellow on highway cruise

01-29-08, 10:52 AM
The size of the x-pipe that I got is 2.25 and I believe that is ID... so does that mean I need to get a 2-2.25 and that would fit over the 2" stock pipe and inside the resonator... I dont quite get these sizes, what does it mean when its a 2-2.25 reducer... ?

01-29-08, 01:25 PM
I think you need the 2to2.25 inch to go over stock tubing and into the 2.25 for x pipe then prolly back down from the 2.25 into the 2 to connect to rest of exhaust system to your steinmetz muffler

That make any sense? you have to go bigger to connect to x pipe then back down to 2 after the x pipe to connect to rest of exhaust system

01-29-08, 02:12 PM
I was wondering more or less about the ID and OD when it says 2' to 2.5", so that I can pick off the right reducers.
Now PEETYZ you think adding two glasspacks in plase of the oem mufflers will make it too quiet again... I know the X pipe will quiet it down some but... the question is how loud would it be with or without?