: New V owner, couple of questions

10-17-07, 02:47 PM
Hi guys,
I just recently purchased an '05 V with about 9500 miles on it.
I've got a few questions about the car.
I already had the nav system replaced for peeling buttons, but now the audio settings will not stay. For instance I pick EQ3 & Spacious DSP, change the station, and the setting change. Then I go back to the station I was originally on and they are back to what they were before I changed them. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Is there an easy way to inspect motor mounts? The car idles pretty rough and the dealer says there's no miss, which is what I first thought. I will scan the car with HPT eventually, but I expect the problem is a motor mount. So, is there anything to look for short of pulling the mounts out?

Is anyone using the navprotector.com plastic sheets to stop the buttons from peeling? I'd rather not take the car to the dealer every 5000 miles if I can help it.



Cadillac Tony
10-17-07, 02:54 PM
After you change the audio settings, press and hold the preset button to re-save the station. The presets record both the station AND the audio settings.

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Almost forgot your other questions! I've got 37k miles on my '04, and the Nav buttons look new. This sounds silly, but don't poke them with your fingernails or slide your finger off when you push them and you'll be fine. I know the paint is fragile, and treating it as such has kept mine perfect.

As far as the motor mounts, the only way to visually inspect them is to look for fluid under the car or shine a light up there. Sometimes bad ones look good, but I've seen a few that are obviously destroyed (looked like a pitbull got hold of them :lol:).

Keep us informed of what you find, and be sure to search the boards- most any question you can think of has been beat into the ground already. :D