: Er.. New guy too

10-17-07, 04:19 AM
Well, hello there. I've been lurking and posting a little since last month, shopping for a CTS-v. Now that I bought one, I figure I officially introduce myself. Just got a silver with black/tan interior last night. So far the car is ok, but feels a little slow, needs some mods I figured. Don't know which route I am gonna go with it yet....

I've been playing with LS1/LSx cars since 1999 with my corvette. My C5 is currently on 3rd LS1 engine. 1st one went through 2 sets of ports heads and cam & all the bolt ons, then the head gasket failed after daily driving it for 2 years in vegas heat & traffic. 2nd engine was also heads & cam with 150 shot of NX then TNT kit. That engine was still healthy after 20k miles and was pulled out to be shoved into my 70 Camaro RS/SS. Now it has a forged 8.2:1 compression motor with goodies to support up 25 psi of twin turdbo goodness. Project is 98% done. My friend and I did all the work in our garages, including the tuning. Oh yeah, I killed my 3rd gear in my tranny after 60k miles so I rebuilt another one. Yes, T56 trannies are easy to rebuild. Broke 2 rear ends as well at the track. Somehow I am attracted to cars with weak rear ends...

The 70 Camaro RS/SS was one of my friend's car that was stolen and recovered. It was in pieces so I bought it and kind of rebuilt it up to 80% so far. We threw in a 454 rat but I rather shove an LS1 in it. So my 400+ rwhp engine from the vette is going in mated to a TH400 and a 12 bolt. I haven't decided on the jetting yet...

Wife drives a 05 STi, AWD, 300hp turdbo engine from the factory. One of the reason I was looking at the CTS-v was because it has the same brake as the STi, so it reduces my parts list. Wife won't let me go big with her car, so it only has filter on a stick, & some bushings. Downpipe and tune for more boost should happen soon.

Also have a Durango with 140k miles, it provided 9 years of reliable service to me but it hates the 10th year.

So... yeah, I have 5 cars and insurance is a bitch:alchi:

Cliff note:
OMGHI2U I are noob.
98 C5 (White Trash), Twin Turdbo by Jon, 95% complete.
70 Camaro RS/SS (No MSG), 454 for now, LS1 h/c/nitrous on engine stand.
05 STi (Rice Tea eye), Rice Mawds only.
04 CTS-v (Fat Bastard), Rear Diff exploding mawds.
98 Durango (POO = Poddles of Oil)

10-17-07, 06:31 AM
howdy :)

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10-17-07, 06:51 AM

Post a pic of your car (the V, that is) when you get the chance.

10-17-07, 07:23 AM
Welcome.... Glad to have you.....

10-17-07, 12:38 PM

Good to see another car nut on the forum and look forward to see what you do to her.


10-17-07, 12:43 PM

The V is a modders wet dream. :cloud9:

10-18-07, 12:17 AM

10-18-07, 12:50 AM
welcome, when you do post pics shoot that interior id like to see that