: engine stalls when slowing to stop

10-16-07, 09:46 AM
I own a 2001 Catera. This morning on my way to work, the engine stalled as I stopped at a stop sign. After sitting for about 5 minutes, the engine started, but did the same thing at the next stop. I got the car started again after 5 minutes or so. It stalled again when I parked at work. Any insights would be appreciated.

10-16-07, 11:28 AM
could just be your fuel pump. do you usually drive your car on low fuel?

10-16-07, 12:00 PM
I had a similar experience many miles ago and it turned out to be the crank position sensor.

2001 Non-Sport
127,000 miles

10-16-07, 01:26 PM
I Prbably Do Drive On Low Fuel Quite A Bit. I Drove It Around The Parking Lot A Few Times Without It Stalling When I Slowed. Is This Something That Happens After Driving For A While?

10-16-07, 02:10 PM
One other thing, I've noticed a belt going bad noise the last couple of weeks.