View Full Version : 1997 SLS (overheating)

10-16-07, 01:59 AM
Ok, here it is!

I have a 1997 SLS that I absolutely love to drive and is in great shape.

However, I have been losing oil for sometime as well as coolant and it was slowly getting worse and worse with overheating and having to refill the coolant levels.

Now, it is going to hot very quickly (within 4-5 miles) and I have to turn the car off and go pick it up the next day. yesterday, was the first time I had a large oil leak on my driveway (big puddle). A week ago, I had my car serviced at Minute Lube and the attendant said I had what looked to be oil in my coolant (on the cap).

Head Gasket?

Note: I have a quote from a good mechanic to fix it (20 hours) at $2,500.

10-16-07, 09:48 AM
Before you do anything else, either buy the kit that tests for exhaust gases in the coolant (very cheap) or have a trusted mechanic do it. This will to you without a doubt if the headgasket is indeed bad.

I'm not sure what the puddle of oil is underneath the car, usually a headgasket wouldn't cause that. I would stay away from quickie lubes, they tend to over tighten the drain plugs on the oil pan, which can cause a pretty serious leak.

How hot did the engine get? 250-665 is serious overheating.

If it is the headgaskets, make sure you get both done at the same time (since you've already got everything apart). And make sure the block is timeserted. Timeserts are new threads for the headbolts that ar longer and thicker than the originals. The original headbolt threads tend to pull out of the block, so if you don't timesert its highly likely you will be dealing with the same problem again shortly. 2500 is on the low side, i paid 3500 for mine.