: sorry+question

the little STS
04-26-04, 07:59 PM
ya the tittle is wierd but eh who cares
ok i wanted to say im sorry for being a jerk 2-3 weeks ago
and if i was being imature then im sorry again

my question is
i bought a new engine cuz the guys at my dealer ship said that i toasted the old one(note: it was a 4.6l northstar with 44000 km on it) so my question is
ummmmmm should the new engine that i have be slower then my old one???
becuz it feels slower plz help opinions and answers apreciated

the little sts aka the engine killer rip callista I yay callista II

04-26-04, 08:31 PM
How much slower? Did they torque the spark plugs to spec? How did you "toast" it?

the little STS
04-26-04, 08:53 PM
ummm i dont want to explain how i toasted the last engine it takes tooo long plz focas on my new problem

also wat is the break in period for my car

04-26-04, 10:10 PM
maybe they put in the 275hp or vice versa

04-26-04, 11:07 PM
I've had cars that felt fast and weren't and cars that didn't feel fast but were. so "feel" is a poor measure of how fast a car is.

Did you ever take it to the strip? That would give you something to accurately compare it to.

A new engine might be a little slower until it breaks in, maybe a few thousand miles. And eldorado1 has a good point. Did they put in the right HP engine?

the little STS
04-27-04, 07:34 AM
few thousand???
i thought it was 500km my parents break in there cars at about 500-1000
i dont think its a 275 but ill ask

04-27-04, 09:13 AM
Give it time to break in. My new CTS-V get more power as the miles increase.

04-27-04, 02:51 PM
It depends on what you consider "break in"....

If you mean how long before the engine must run before it is OK to run it at max power and to full RPM continuously...i.e..most of the "rough edges" (LOL) are gone and the engine/trans/brakes and so forth are fine to pound on then probably 500-1000 miles is fine.

If you mean "break in" that the engine is making full power that can take thousands and thousands of miles for the engine to totally stabilize for power. The friction continuous to decrease to some extent for the life of the engine, really. Generally speaking, the friction reduction is greatest for the first 5000 miles or so. At that point the engine will be pretty much at rated power depending on how it was "broken it" for that time period.

Assuming the engine has fresh oil and filter after the very initial "break in" period of 200-500 miles then I would say that the harder it is driven/run the faster the engine will break in friction wise, and reach advertised power. Typically, if an engine is on test at the GM Proving Grounds and representative performance data is wanted on a "new" engine it is put on a schedule of repeated WOT accels and heavy decels for several thousand mile to "whip" it as hard as possible to stabilize the power. If you want to expedite the engine breakin for power and maximize the sealing of the new engine piston and rings the 2nd gear, WOT 50 to 70 and then decel closed throttle from 70 to 50 repeatedly works well and is doable on the street. Do the maneuver 10-12 times, shift to drive and drive normally to cool off and then repeatt 10-12 times. Do this often as possible. This expedites the breakin, maximizes ring loading in the ring grooves to "seat" the rings against the side of the ring lands for sealing and reduces the friction as much as possible.

the little STS
05-01-04, 08:15 PM

u r my hero cuz u know sooo much
but can u explain the last part a little clearer
becuz rite now im very afraid of screwing up my car again becuz it feels soooo slow

thanx for the help