: Newbie here

10-15-07, 08:00 PM
Hi, just joined the forum. I am pretty certain I am going to buy an 04-05 CTS-V. I am hard on the look out for a low mileage example but have a couple of questions. I have driven two of them-one was an 05 with 13,000 miles on it and I was very impressed. I also drove an 05 with 22,000 miles on it and it had some interesting differential noise, pulled to the right, the shifter was terrible, etc-I am pretty certain this one was just beaten upon, drag raced at every light, etc. However, in all honesty, my last American vehicle was a 2000 Chevy Express that I purchased new for my work (own a small plumbing service co.), and by 90,000 miles it was done. In comparison, my current work van-a Dodge Sprinter, made in Germany, feels tight as a drum with 70K on it. I have a fear of buying American, although I do realize that strides have been made to improve upon the laughable quality of the past. And one of the things I do like about the V is that it is American-it does not have image of an Audi or BMW (a plus IMO), it sounds like a hot rod, and I was surprised at how fun it was to drive.

But is this thing going to fall apart as my Chevy did-with squeaks and rattles and broken door handles and blower motors that fail and electrical issues, and on and on? I know about the diff problem, but I am talking about the general vehical? I am not going to be driving this every day-laugh at me, but I am keeping my current daily driver-a real Volkswagen Beetle (the air cooled, rear engine one)-which is still in very good condition and bullet proof reliable for the 117,000 miles I have owned it. But the V will get used, I just want to know if it's built fairly well. Thanks in advance!

10-15-07, 08:08 PM
... I just want to know if it's built fairly well. ...Umm-m ... have you come here for an unbiased opinion? My theory is that all manufacturers have their turkeys, Germans, Japs, Swedes, and Koreans, too.

Let me ask, have you gone on any of the German manufactured car forums and noted anybody with problems?

10-15-07, 10:40 PM
Im going to say just what Randy did. There are good and bad in all makes and models. A lot like women. You don't know how they really are till your married to them. (damn that piece of paper!) I have not had any problems with my V. I will have it one year on the 31st. I do need to change the shifter soon though. But it is stock and im loving it. As for squeaks and creaks. Well you are going to get those in any american muscle car. That is part of the whole experience. By it, Drive it and Love it.


Oh by the way. You have to two choices: 1.) Mod hell or 2.) Stock. Find out from your local dealer about how they feel about mods and see what they will cover and not cover.

10-15-07, 11:03 PM
"Quality" doesn't apply to a used vehicle. What you speak of at this point is reliability and durability. Totally different things.

There's isn't more fun to be had in the 4-door market for $30k.

*Insert normal this isn't a burn-out teenager car disclaimer here*