: CDV transmission problems

04-26-04, 06:15 PM
CoupeDeVille 1970
TH 400 trans.

Had to swap the transmission for an otherone as the tailbit was broken on mine.
The scrapyard gave me a TH400 from a Pontiac and this did not work, later I got one from an Oldsmoble, that did not work either.....:annoyed:
Is it possible to exchange transpossions from Pointiac Oldsmobile and Cadillac??
It works for like 5kms and then it makes a strange noise and it dont want to move anymore. My doubt is the connection with the torq-convertor and engine.
Somebody know what I can do to overcome this problem?
Will be great!

Regards Richard Zandijk

04-26-04, 08:54 PM
It sounds like you got some duds. If it bolts up correctly, it should work, because it is pretty much self contained. That's if it bolted up correctly, based on your "worked for 5 kms" statement, it did. Was anything visually wrong with the flexplate on the back of the engine befoe you bolted the converter up? Also, is the converter all the way back, and engaged with the front pump on the trans?