: 2000 dts northstar reliabilty

10-14-07, 09:24 PM
Hi, looking at buying a 2000 dts with 115,000 miles is this year known for the head gasket problems and does this year dts known for certain problems. Thanks

10-14-07, 10:00 PM
Pop a beer and hunker down to thread searches. Your question is the subject of thousands of words and tens of threads. Every question you may have has been answered in here in the last 20 months. This is in no way intended as a flip reply. Many people with a lot of Cadillac experience, both professional and amateur, have posted their findings. Use the archive tab ^^ up there, and the search function in the second bar up and over ^ there. By your join date, I'd hope that you have all the answers.

10-14-07, 10:46 PM
He's right. Searching is the best answer, although sometimes I find it cumbersome.

General speaking, the HG issues were addressed in the 2000 model year. That is saying 2000 + N* is less susceptible to HG problems than previous years HOWEVER the problem does, at least somewhat, still exist.

From what I've seen and heard here, at 115k, if it hasn't happened yet, keep maintaining the coolant system and most likely you'll be OK. That's a very generalized statement.

Other than that I would say the biggest enemy is failed seat heaters and more so the window regulators.

Not much else sticks out in my mind but I am one of the amateurs that Sub speaks of. ;)

You joined in 2004? And this is your first post?