: Considering purchase of 99 Catera

10-14-07, 09:55 AM
I am currently considering purchasing a 1999 Catera and have read all the reviews and a lot of the posts here. I have looked at the carfax report and the car has had two owners and has 69K miles on it.

I know some people mentioned that some of the 99s have a lot of problems. Is there any way to determine if this car is in the lemon batch? The carfax report indicates that it was imported from Germany in January of 1999.

Also, I am planning to take the car for a mechanical inspection prior to purchasing and was planning to go to a Cadillac dealer. Is this the best way to do it and what should I specifically ask them?

The dealer selling the car has offered me an extended warranty through a private company which I am considering buying. Is that a good idea?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I love the car but I really need reliable transportation and don't want to make a bad decision.


10-15-07, 09:21 AM
Check timing belt make sure it has been replaced and if it hasnt have it done asap

10-15-07, 09:21 AM
99 are a lil better than 97-98 you should be ok id go with the warranty too

10-15-07, 09:59 AM
Yeah, the extended warranty is a must. I bought a 99' about a year ago. The only major issue it had was the oil cooler, you might want to check for sludge in the coolant resevoir.