: What Options Are Best????

10-13-07, 08:51 PM
HI, i was looking to get an 03 sts....buttttt.....i started looking at the new sts's and i was hooked...just wanted to know what options should i definitely look for. Also, is the nav system worth looking for? and is there a big difference in the optionial 15 speaker stereo compared to the regular bose..thanx for the help.....Jason

10-13-07, 09:25 PM
I had a 2000 sts with the upgraded stereo , and just recently picked up a 2006 sts v6 awd 1sc package .
The 06 has the 5.1 audio , 15 speaker package and is a much better sounding system , and the 06 has a smoother tranny , more controlled ride, and looks better in my opinion. The 2000 had vibration issues at 65 mph
which i think is due to the front wheel drive . I also had vibration issues with a fwd park avenue. My car has a nav , but im not up on it yet , as i usually know where i am going and dont use it . If you are in a snow belt like
me i would suggest the awd. It was glued to the road in the rain , it was amazing making a left turn at full throttle and no sliding or wheel spin. ( the V8 may handle differently with the extra power )
The V6 3.6 L engine is totally adaquate , but if you want a muscle car , go for the V8 .
the 08 has the V6 direct injected engine with 300hp , which is only 20 hp less than the V8 .
The V8 has more torque which makes it feel faster from a standing start.
I can only find 14 speakers in my car, dont know where number 15 is .

10-13-07, 09:41 PM
thanx.....do you know how the regular bose system in the 05+ sounds....also i live in philly so we do get a lil nasty weather time to time...i had an 87 cougar back in the day and that thing was murder in the snow.....does the n* still have the problem of sucking up oil?.....also what options are a must?

10-14-07, 09:35 AM
With this car you should consider AWD as a must have option unless you want to revisit your expierence in the Cougar. RWD would be ok if you really find a deal on one that you want, but then be ready to mess around changing to snow tires for winter...(unless you don't mind driving a RWD Cougar again). If you do go with AWD, I think those cars are usually pretty loaded with options (for sure on the 2005's).

10-14-07, 10:38 AM
Go over and talk with the used car manager. He can tell you which options people look for when buying a used car and which options will get you more on trade/selling. Some options cost a bundle to buy but doesn't bring you anything on trade. Also colors. Some colors are hot sellers and some sit on the lot forever. Then look at what you WANT. What you can live with and what you can live without. No two people want the same in a car that is why there are so many options and manufacturers. Get what makes you happy. The all-wheel drive is great only if you live where you get a lot of snow. Remember RWD cars don't do well in snow like a front wheel drive does.

10-14-07, 11:03 AM
bigdog has good points, watch the colour combos, i `ve noticed the silver exterior with tan interior does not
sell quickly( i personally think its the biggest clash of colours out there).
Oh, i did find the 15th speaker this morning while listening to the crossroads guitar festival in dts sound.
Its located behind the center arm rest facing the back seat . I never heard the standard stereo in any of the
sts`s that i test drove. I would think it would be reasonably decent. Find a sts with it and bring your cd`s.
You wont be able to play any music dvd`s on it though. I`m big on good sound so i appreciate the 5.1 audio.
Check them both out. ( you need to make the proper selections as you would on your home dvd player to
get the 5.1 audio in the car - just a warning , as you will not get the true sound effect ).

10-14-07, 03:24 PM
The best options always seem to be the ones you don't have on your current car that you didn't become aware of the availability until after your purchase.

10-14-07, 07:01 PM
Not many awd sts's around here.....right now i have an 04 gtp....pretty good in the snow....i see the sts has a heads up display...would like to get that if possible...i might have to travel out of state to purchase the car i want for the price i'm looking for...i like the lighter colored cars...black is nice, but a btch to take care of....does the 8 speaker bose sound good?.i know it probably sounds good. if i get the rwd sts...when it snows i'll just put the wife in the truck for some weight and added traction.....