: wut ^ all got a newb question/story

04-26-04, 03:40 PM
i don't own a cadillac but will soon own a n*(hopefully). anyway here is the story. i went with one of my friends to a shop to drop off his car. and me and him were just bsing and we noticed the tech was working on a sts. and i was telling him how i saw a n* in a gran prix on the net and how i have a w-body and might attempt the same if i had the n*. the tech "replied u can have that one" and pointed outside. i was like are u sh:canttalk: ing me? he said no usually the junk man picks them up and sells them for scrap since they are aluminum. he said "don't try to fix it, it is worthless". i said why. he says b/c it has a blown headgasket. he says "when the gasket goes just throw it away it can't be fixed". he mentioned something about the threads and them pulling out. so i played along like yeah u are probably right but i might try it anyway since it is free. the whole time i am thinking why would gm build such an exotic/hence expensive engine just to scrap the whole thing when a gasket goes bad. anyway the engine is stripped to the heads, and blocl basically. what i am thinking is that the sts they were working on blew a gasket so they got another from a junkyard and switched everything maybe due to differences in years. but i asked will i get any pieces to it and he said "yea u will get all these pieces laying around after we hear the car run".
so i will get this stripped motor and all the pieces to it. if he holds true to his word.

so the questions are is he right about scrapping the motor? should i just get it recycled and sell the xtra parts?what kind of crap am i in for as far as putting it back together? and most important how much will it cost me?

04-26-04, 04:19 PM
a qoute from a babcox article by Larry Carley, Technical Editor:

"In researching this engine, we discovered that few rebuilders are overhauling Northstar V8s - not because these engines are lasting forever (they're not) but because the Northstar V8s are such expensive and complex engines. Cadillac has no reman program for Northstar V8s (if one fails, replace it with a new one). None of the major production engine rebuilders are doing Northstar V8s, and some rebuilders told us certain critical internal parts are unavailable (such as oversize crankshaft bearings). Add to this the fact that the cylinder liners can't be replaced or overbored and it doesn't leave much to rebuild.

Even the heads are throw-aways, according to Cadillac. If the valve guides are worn, Cadillac says the cylinder heads need to be replaced. The heads have hard powder metal valve guides, but we don't see any reason why the guides can't be replaced with new ones or repaired with bronze or cast iron guide liners."


04-26-04, 04:53 PM
He's tossing it because of a blown headgasket!? There has to be something more than that, like a cracked block or head or something..... Headgaskets can be replaced easily on these engines. Then again, maybe he doesn't know about the timesert kit for the head threads?? In which case, I would grab that engine! btw, if it's a 96+, I'll gladly pay the $300 shipping to get it to my house :bouncy:

04-26-04, 11:16 PM
There doesn't seem to be enough N*'s going bad for someone to do a rebuild program. They are very good engines but if the head bolt threads pull out they need to be repaired. Most shops don't want to bother. The kit is about $325 to repair the threads but used ones are floating around cheaper.

I've done 2 engines and I'm watching for another!

Once the threads are fixed it only needs new gaskets and new head bolts. About another $300-400 depending on how many gaskets you want to replace. Some people reuse most of them but I don't like to fix something twice so I replace them. After 8-10 years they deserve retirement!

Another point: You really should have a factory manual to work on them...most shops don't and don't want to buy one at $100 new. You can fin them on Ebay much cheaper.