: Starting to get annoyed

05-14-03, 09:30 AM
When i first bought my car, the dealer "forgot" to take care of some issues with it. Coolant leak (water crossover), window gasket, heated seat not working. After about 2 weeks i finally got a chance to bring it in. But also added that the front passenger foglight condensates, trunk leaks water, brakes squeel, dash under glove box is peeling. Once i finally got the car back, 1 week later(7 days) i noticed my lumbar was poking in my lower left side of my back, the window seal was not replaced, the peeling dash was not fixed, and my brakes still squeeled, plus the replaced foglight was loose. So i made another appointent to get this stuff fixed, plus a new rattle in the back deck. The car was in the shop for 3 days. They call me to say its ready, when i pick up the car they said parts were ordered and i would need to come back. They did fix the foglight and peeling dash. I guess with the lumbar and window gasket, parts needed to be ordered. That saturday is when sh!t really hit the fan. I noticed a HUGH dent/with scratch on my hood and front passenger side fender, it looks as if then dropped some tool on the hood and fender. And now when i hit the brake then release it, the car makes a loud metallic clunk that shakes the whole car.(to me it seems they didnt tighten the motor mounts when they replaced the water crossover). SOmetimes if i let the brake go it doesnt pop/clunk until i give it gas. It sounds horrible. My question is, what should i do? It seems this dealer fixes one problem, but then causes another. I love the car, but its been in the shop over 10 days so far, with no end in site for the problems to get fixed. Should i see if they'll take the car back and give me another one? Maybe get my truck back which i traded in(they still didnt sell it) Should i fight to get something elese for my car? Im not sure what to do, but im getting frustrated with these issues so far.
Here are the statistics on the car.
2001 Caddy sts
100000 Mile extended factory warranty
Certified Cadillac used car

Any info would be great on this,

05-14-03, 11:36 AM
I would speak to the general manager of the dealer. Make sure to have copies of the repair orders for everything that's been done so far. He SHOULD be the guy to help you.

05-25-03, 06:04 AM
What ever you decide, I am sure you will be happy. As a STS ('99 Pearl White) owner myself I sait that a STS one hell of a car, that I am willing to fight for!! :-

05-26-03, 01:30 AM
They should fix the dent. I would be very vocal! Sounds like a real crooked outfit. Do they specialize in foreign cars? Or is it a dealer??, etc. Can you go to another garage? I would get my car the hell out of that one! In the mid 1990's a small garage had my Pontiac for 2 days to fix the rad fan switch that would not work. It was summer and they were driving it around using it for a parts car!! And it was not fixed. The seats were black and dirty from greasy parts in there and I should have complained then like I would now. Immediately I took it to the GM dealer and they had it fixed in 1 hour. I would want to talk to the manager. Is there a "Better Buisness Bureau" that you can threaten to contact if they do not get their act together?

05-26-03, 10:06 AM
I would first try and see if you can go to another dealer, explain your situation with the other dealer, and chances are they will try and take goood care of you.

Chuck C
05-26-03, 12:28 PM
All I gotta say is THATS ****ING BULLSHIT...this stuff pisses me off. Tell the boss about that huge dent...tell him/her how obvious it is that they've screwed you over! Then after you win the fight, go to a reputable cadillac service center from then on.

05-26-03, 02:45 PM
I've dealt with 2 Dealers in my time as owner of a Cadillac, 1 in Illinois, and 1 in Florida. Both of these places have been Excellent when it came to customer service. Recently, I just popped in for an oil change. The regular service guy I deal with was not there when I got there, no big deal. So he comes back from lunch, and sees that I'm there, and is all worried that I didnt call him to set an appointment, and asked if I had bad service from him. I told him I just decided to drop by on my way home, no big deal. So 5 minutes later, out comes the service manager. He wants to know if I had a problem with the service. He ended up giving me the oil change for free. Weird but good experience. So, I'm with Chuck, get them to fix this stuff and then change dealers, theres gotta be plenty in the hartford area.

05-27-03, 09:28 AM
Well, today im dropping off my car to get the front fender repainted where the crack is. After this, i WILL be going to a new dealership. I will explain the situation and if seems seems like the type of person who WILL take care of customers, I will start bringing my car there. I'll know by the end of theweek how my "paint job" comes out on my car,

05-28-03, 01:32 AM
I would still raise some hell with the other place that sabotaged your car!! Sounds like they should pay for a few things. Don't let them walk over you dude!