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10-11-07, 10:52 AM
Hello, I am shopping for a SRX via on-line auction sites and was wondering if there was anyway to determine if the car is equipped with the third row option simply by looking at the VIN. The pictures at these sites are often poor quality so I would like a way to be sure before purchase.

Thanks from a first time poster in your forum.

10-11-07, 11:12 AM
No. The VIN is pretty generic (country, engine, paint, mfg plant etc.). I doubt I would ever bid on a car without a list of guaranteed options on the vehicle and a carfax report or some other assurance the car has not been wrecked, flooded, or was a buy-back lemon. GM dealers can post the so-called Vehicle Build sheet that lists all the equipment on a car. Most of the SRX's do seem to have the 3rd seat.

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10-11-07, 11:51 AM
Welcome! First, I'd make sure that the SRX 3rd row seat is what you want for the passengers you'll carry back there. I think the target passengers are kids that can belt themselves in. I wouldn't want to regularly try to strap a kid into a carseat back there. I also wouldn't want to hear the complaints from a long-legged teen back there. There are better <cough> minivan <cough> choices for hauling a bunch of kids.

I've found that most all V8s have the 3rd row seat. Also, in recent years the 3rd row seat was tied in a package with the towing package (don't understand that linkage), so there's something else to look for.

10-11-07, 04:47 PM
If the pictures are good enough, check for the two outboard seat belts hanging down from the ceiling area. I tuck mine into the built in slots on the sides of the interior covers when not in use. Even tucked away they are still visible.

10-11-07, 07:19 PM
The cars are wrecked, so a car-fax would be a waste of time. My family has been buying and rebuilding wrecks rather than buying new or used for years. It is very rewarding to put a wreck back on the road (financially as well as spiritually).
The car will be for my wife to replace her worn-out Navigator (also a rebuilt). The back seat is for my 6 year old twins, sounds like a perfect place for them (no car seat or booster needed).
I do like the sound of a V8 powered car so I will be on the look-out for one, and I can keep an eye out for those backseat seat belts.

Thanks for all the quick feedback.

10-12-07, 06:44 AM
Possibly the attached will help. This is a label that is on the under side of the rear floor panel. It is over the area where the jack is stowed and where the headrests for the 3rd seat are stored. It is, as shown, a service parts identification and lists (the 3 letter alphanumeric) all the options on the vehicle as well as the VIN. Since you are interested in the V8, look for the A after the 1GYEE63 in the VIN. The A designates a V8. On my SRX the code Y45 is for the 3rd seat. Be aware that there are other designations for the 3rd seat. The Y45 is a Utility Pkg that includes, trailering equip, rear air, heavy duty cooling and power steering fluid cooling. Good luck on your hunt. A Carfax would be interesting to see if they show it as wrecked.