: Practically Free Dent Removal (Seriously)

Lord Cadillac
10-09-07, 12:47 PM
Watch the video(s). I'll be trying this on my Escalade shortly. When I do, I'll report back with the results. In the meantime, if you have any dings you'd like to remove, give these simple techniques a shot...

Click here (http://www.wisebread.com/remove-car-dents-quickly-and-cheaply)

10-09-07, 01:27 PM
Let us know what the hair dryer and air duster method does to the paint. I don't trust it, and I just did the three step compound, polish, wax. I may try the dry ice though...

Lord Cadillac
10-10-07, 08:30 AM
I'm probably not going to do the hair-dryer thing.. I was intending on trying the dry ice...

10-12-07, 04:10 AM
yes its offical. the dry ice does work. you hafta do it a few times. but it really does work i cant explain how. but i had a field day once i fixed one. i tryed to find any excuse to take more dents out lol. at 1st i looked at my self like nahh. this cant. but it really does.

10-12-07, 04:25 PM
I tried the dry ice method and it didn't work. My Seville has three very small dents on the fenders, and my wifes 3 series has a small dent on the door. I tried all four dents and neither has changed a bit. Plus after leaving the dry ice on the sheet metal, and pulling it away, the metal wasn't even cold. Don't know what to make of that. Maybe I'll try again in the summer.


12-11-08, 12:55 PM
Yeah you cant do it when its cold. The flex comes from the rapid change in temperatures so the metal has to be warm or room temp then cooled rapidly by the dry ice.

12-18-08, 01:59 AM
Sal you never reported back with the results...

01-19-09, 01:38 PM
I tried the dry ice method on a 2 week old '65 Mustang. Hail dents, no comp. insurance. Let it heat in the sun then apply the dry ice. Tried and tried, didn't work. By the time I sold it the sun pulled most of them out. It took about five years.:crying:

01-24-09, 11:37 PM
Sal dented his Escalade! How could you???

A friend who does body work said it can work, but not when it gets close to a seam or bend in the metal.