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10-09-07, 07:07 AM
Hi to all from spain, sorry for my english.

Two weeks ago arrive to my city, Barcelona my new Cadillac from USA, not from EU dealers, I buy this from pre-owned dealer, all is fine and works perfect, I need help because is necessary to upgrade the navigation system to EU.

- How is possible to unlock the GPS module for work with European DVD maps from Cadillac or from other DENSO original disk?
- How is possible to unlock the DVD player, now only is possible to play region 1 movies, same in the Panasonic rear multimedia system

Other idea is to change the system for another vendor, p.e. Pioneer Avic o Kenwood indash but, that it happens with the information of the car, gas consumption, pressure of wheels, oil life, etc… that appears in the origin system?

Very best regards
JL Garcia