: Not run for 6 years, what would you do?

10-09-07, 12:13 AM
Hi All,
Got lucky the other day and found a '99 Northstar with 7K miles for $500.00
The guy bought it from a wreck intending to put it in a street rod. It was fogged when pulled and has sat in his garage since 2001. Any suggestions on what I should do before installing it? I'll pull the valve covers and put some EOS on the cams etc., pull the plugs and disarm the coils and crank it before starting. I just wondering if I should timesert it and redo the half-case seal before installing it.
Thanks for any help

10-09-07, 10:04 AM
As long as you have the motor out you may as well timesert it and redo some of the gasket, surely they have dried out from not being run. I wouldn't expect any hg issues at only 7k but since it would be easy to do I would timesert it.

10-09-07, 09:31 PM
is it going into a car or a project?

if project, call a crank manufacturer and have them turn a billet stroker crank and get some eagle rods with new pistons...

5.0L northstar? might be possible...i think the room is there for a little "stroke & poke"

10-10-07, 03:37 PM
Too bad you can't stick a 5/16" socket on the oil pump shaft to prime it.......If you're going to drop it in as-is, first pour in about 10-11 quarts of whatever recommended oil was for that year. Pull the plugs and roll it over with a breaker bar 25-30 revolutions. Drain it to the middle of the dipstick hashmark. You might substitute a gauge and hose for the pressure switch to see if you get 10-15 psi just rolling it over by hand.