View Full Version : Paint protective coating Xillion?

Ziplicon Tuesday
10-08-07, 01:43 PM
A friend of mine bought a new S550 and the dealer is offering a protective coating for $550 that is said to be permanant and protects from swrills and about everything else.

He thinks it's called Xillion but I can find no info. I'd like to try it on my 05 V (so I know if it works when I get by 08 or 09 V).

Anybody ever heard of it or anything else like it?


10-08-07, 02:21 PM
yup, and it prolly has nano technology, right? it's junk don't waste your money.

capt. dan
10-08-07, 02:35 PM
I wonder about products that say they are good for a year much less permanent. I don't believe it.

Cadillac Tony
10-08-07, 02:41 PM
It's made by Granitize, and I put a coat of it on my V for free (I let their rep use my car for the "Demo" :D)

It makes the water bead up nice (better than wax) and helps keep it from spotting , but I don't believe any product will be permanent or protect against swirls. I still put a good coat of wax on the front when I clean it, but the Xzilon seems to be doing its job on the top.

10-08-07, 02:43 PM
Reminds me of the Poly-Gly-Coat we used to sell at the dealership back in the late '70's. Guaranteed to last forever. OR until the company made a couple of million dollars from people who believed their lies and then closed the business, laughing all the way to the bank.