: New Power OUTPUT for V8 The DI V6 302!

10-08-07, 01:18 AM
When will v8 be upto 380 or more the gap between the 2 is now only 18 hp!

Time for a new V8 redesign.


09 year????

10-08-07, 08:00 AM
'09 is the last year for the SRX.
I am doubting that we will see any additional improvements since the updated '07 didn't sell any more than the '06 did.

10-08-07, 12:46 PM
Please tell me how do you know 09 is the last year for SRX

10-09-07, 08:22 AM
It was in the GM/UAW agreement.
All of the current and near future plant/platform plans were outlined.

10-10-07, 01:33 PM
If the 2010 CTS wagon looks anything like the 2008 CTS, I will forget all about the SRX.