: Wheel Question

10-07-07, 06:55 PM
I took my 07 SRX to the dealer and had the wheels balanced. My "knucklehead Cadillac dealer" scratched the finish on my polished aluminum 18-inch rims.

I tried Eagle One nano polish and a couple of other products to get swirl/scratches out but to no avail. Anybody have any ideas what product may take marks out?


10-07-07, 08:31 PM
Swirls: Flitz.

Scratches: Depends on how deep. If very shallow, try 0000 steel wool and then Flitz.

Infrared in Idaho
10-08-07, 11:33 PM
How about "You break it, you buy it". Have you approached the dealer and see what they say? If their a quality dealer they should make it right.