: sad day

04-25-04, 05:41 PM
Now that the Z is dead, I really need to work my ass off with the caddy. Alls she needs is less fuel.

In memory of the Z lets give a moment of silence.........................I loved her.

In case anyone wanted to know what happened to the Z:

I was cruising up a hill about 50ish and i went to give her a little gas so she'd downshift and hurry up. Well, she downshifted and never shifted back into 3rd. The RPMs kept climing. I thought i broke a band, but since it was not shifting at all it could be something else. I parked her for a few hours then went to go drive again and it wouldn't leave 1st or go into reverse. Now I know it's something with the shifting. A new transmission is worth more than the car and I have no money so the poor Z is gone. She was a great sports car and showed hondas who was boss.

04-25-04, 05:47 PM
Sorry to hear it. Check around, maybe it can be fixed? Is there a "Z" Forum you can ask.