: 97 catera - cant get into my car!

10-07-07, 04:08 PM
for some reason, if it gets below about 53 degrees outside, my doors wont unlock...not with the remote OR with the key! any idea what might be the problem and how much it will cost to fix? I had to call AAA to come out and slim jim my car yesterday!

also, my passengers side heater and defroster doesnt work....any idea why? why just one side? how much will that cost me? :banghead:

10-10-07, 10:58 AM
ok so let me tell you about my day monday! (its funny now, but wasnt then)

remember...I havent been locking my car because I'm afraid I wont be able to get back in....So I took the remote off my keychain and threw it into my purse so I didnt accidentally lock it out of habit....

so I'm getting ready to go to my open house (I'm a Realtor) I get to the store and decided that since I had my laptop in the car, and since it was warm enough, I'd go ahead and lock the car....I pulled the remote out of my purse and while sitting in the drivers seat, I test it a couple times....it works so I think I'm OK....

so, I go to get out of the car, and somehow..the remote dissappears out of my hand...I think to myself that it has to be easy to find, I'd just get it when I came back out of the store....so I use the little power lock button inside the car and close the car....

I come out of the store, use the key to open the car...and bam....my alarm starts going off..:banghead: so I start looking for the remte...its just GONE....I cant find it anywhere...people in the parking lot are looking at me like:annoyed: and this goes on for at least a solid 5 minutes....when a cop cmes to talk to me :hide: I explain everything to him, and can see he's trying not to laugh at me....:duh:

then it stops! :whew: so I decide to try looking on the passengers side..and when I open the door...BAM...it starts going off again:banghead: finally when it quits, I ask my husband to meet me at the open house...I drive there OK, but of course, as soon as I get there and open the door...BAM!

my husband disconnects the battery, and I call the dealership...they say they have new remotes in stock an come on down I let them know that my alarm will be going off most of the way there, and will go off again as soon as I open the door (she's laughing too)

So I get in the car, my husband reconnects the battery, which makes the alarm go off again:banghead:...and I immediately start the car and drive off towards the dealership, which is about 15 miles away:banghead: the alarm is going off as I'm driving for at least 5 miles :hide: I must have mouthed "sorry" a few dozen times to the cars around me...I'm sure they thought that they were witnessing grand theft auto:o

it finally stops, and when I get to the dealership and pull up to the service dept and open the door....BAM!:banghead:

I confidently walk into the service dept as my alarm is echoing thru the building.....see a guy standng there and say "Guess why I'm here!" :o

after a couple hours waiting to see if they could tell me what is wrong in the first place, and nearly being talked into trading it in on a used 2006 Kia they had there....I just decided to get the remote turn off the alarm and make an appointment for another day.....


10-10-07, 11:37 AM
shoulda just disconnected the horn. also, i noticed on my car if the alarm is going off, just stick the key in the drivers door lock and unlock it, even it is already unlocked, and it will turn the alarm off.

10-10-07, 03:23 PM
yeah that didnt work...I started and DROVE the car and it didnt stop....

in fact...using the key in the door was how it went off the first time....my husband did try and fiure out how to diable the horn, but couldnt do it before it drove us crazy :o

10-10-07, 03:39 PM
yea the factory alarms suck, i had to stop using the unlock button on my remote because everytime i unlocked the doors and then opened them the alarm would go off, so i just stopped using it all together.