: ebtcm install

10-07-07, 12:34 AM
ok so i did mine today and seeing that the pics in the other thread was book ones , i took some myself. heres a list of tools i used and what i did to do and and it took me about 1-2 hours. you need a

1. 1/2 wrench
2. hose clamp pliers (easier to use)
3. 10mm socket
4. t15 (screwdriver kind works the best)
5. flat head screwdriver
6. wire cutters (for cuttin zip ties)
7. zip ties

1. take the battery out which is a 10mm ,

2. unhook the 3 round plugs , there a philips screw that holds the bracket in if you want to take it off. i did ,it was easier to get your hands in there.

3. you dont have to do this but i did and it was easier to get to. take the 10mm and take the 1 bolt out of the power steering res and then the 2 clamps off and remove the res and set it aside, when you take the hoses off take and put your fingers over the holes so you dont leak fluid everywhere.

4. take off the radiator hose (my pliers were nice :)) and put a rag in the hose to keep antifreeze from leaking ,or drain your radiator and refill when your done.

5. take the 1/2 wrench and take the 2 bolts out on each side of the ebtcm.

6. pull up on the bottom of the ebtcm so that you can get to the bolts ,ive done 3 so far and havent had any isues with bending any brake lines just be carefull, and also watch the 2 bolts that hold it in cause they may fall out (the 1/2 ones)

7. take the 6 t15 bolts out and unplug the 2 ebtcm plugs ,the one at the top and the one at the bottom. make use you pull the purple slider out real far enough to be able to pull the top plug off.

8. take the 2 little springs out and bend the tabs alittle bit to make it tighter.

9. you dont have to do this but i did. take rtv and put on the seal of the ebtcm then install it back but done forget to put the springs back in.

10. install everything that you took off ,fill up your powersteering and antifreeze and drive it.


10-07-07, 12:36 AM
sorry the pics are backwards. i uploaded them from last to start.

10-07-07, 02:49 AM
Good job man good enough picters and i think i might need them in the future,thanks
and after that no more lights rit?

10-07-07, 01:44 PM
my abs light went off and the speedo works now, but my tc light was on and i thought crap, but it was some fuses blown , 3,5,14,19 .but all the lights are out now and it runs great.

frank moran
10-07-07, 02:07 PM
good job and good info, thanks...

10-08-07, 05:47 PM
nice writeup & pics.....I still have to get out a MO for the ebtcm that you snagged for me. I didn't forget, I just have been swamped at work. If we were closer I would meet up and have you help with the install :)

07-07-09, 01:43 AM
how hard is it to bend the module up?